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4 Essential Mobile Marketing Practices For Your Business


When it comes to marketing, it’s high time you should be looking at mobile. Not exclusively, of course, but not a million miles away, either. Why? Well, to put it simply: mobile internet usage is massive right now, bigger than desktop (who could have predicted that ten years ago?), and it’s set to get even bigger in the coming years. The rise and rise of mobile marketing have given businesses a wide range of new opportunities; now, they can get closer to their customers, and go in exciting directions not offered by traditional online marketing. Let’s go!

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Website Made For Mobile

We hope that you figured out a while ago that your website should be mobile responsive (if you didn’t: do it now, do it now, do it NOW), but that’s not the only thing that’s meant by having a website that’s fit for mobile. The screen orientation has to be right, of course, but you also need to make sure that you don’t have any giant images and other features that dramatically increase the load time. Keep things slim and easy to use by mobile users; otherwise, they won’t stick around for long.

Shiny, App’y Marketing

Everyone’s carrying around a device full of apps in their pocket, why not make one of those apps one for your business? It’s easier to think to create an app, and once it’s out there you’ll be able to connect with your customers in a much more personal way. There are a couple of rules when it comes to app. It shouldn’t be overcomplicated. Just have it do the basics of your business; it has to be stable, so use qa testing tools to make sure it’s free of bugs. It should also have a clean user interface, and be regularly updated to reflect changes.

Right in their Pocket

And talking of people always having their devices right in their pocket, this is a great opportunity to tailor some of your marketing just to these people. There are two key ways to do this. You can send emails with flash sales and promotions; if they have their email notifications on, they’ll receive them almost immediately after you click send. You can also make the most of SMS marketing. This one is interesting, and you might even call it underrated since it’s shown to be highly effective. Of course, you can’t spam people – and you should only be sending marketing to people who have previously expressed an interest in your business – but get it right and it can a great way to drum up some business.

Give The People Want They Want

When it comes to mobile marketing, you need to keep an eye on the trends that are happening in the mobile internet world. For instance, did you know that videos account for something in the region of 75% of mobile traffic? That means people love videos! Give them what they want by hosting videos. This will eventually change, so keep an eye on what the next big trend is, too.


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