Video marketing is the newfangled design of advertising that is currently merging on the digital multimedia premises around the world. It entails creating a video clip which can be as short as twenty to thirty seconds and as long as you would like from thirty minutes to an hour and so on. This video is then posted online on one of the most viewed websites such as YouTube, where it will be viewed by as many recipients as possible.

You probably work in an organization that still relies on the old formats of advertising and have been wondering how to broach the idea of video marketing your company superiors in order to increase both customer awareness and company performances annually. Or if you have brought up the idea with your company to merge into video marketing but did not receive the positive response that should be accrued to utilizing this medium of advertisements the best ways to convince this approval is by representing these unique advantages for using the video marketing strategy in enhancing the branding and sales efforts.

1. Video marketing increases your competitive edge.

More than eighty percent of highly experienced marketing executives utilize the creation and use of video content for the purpose of marketing. Your company can effectively enhance the company and product awareness with a video clip than in simply wiring this content down for viewers to read. This is mainly because majority of the consumers are working class individuals who are constantly reading new documents and prefer to watch a video clip as they relax their minds than read yet another blog post as it will feel much like working.

2. Consumers will be able to easily find your product through your video clip.

Video are reported to be the most searched content in the online search engines. Consumers will search for anything first with videos and then if they meet a dead end they will then look at the written content to have a view of the information they need. Therefore, video can greatly boost both your branding and sales as your potential clients will be able to easily find your company video once they decide to search for the particular product you are selling.

3. Video content appeals more to the consumer’s attention.

Consumers are always more participative and attentive while watching a video clip than when they are just simply reading especially with the working class. Even more appealing are the attractive video advertisements that provide the clients with sufficient information about the product while continually mentioning the company name thus enhancing the branding and the sales at the same time.

4. The online sharing of videos continually enhances your popularity

With a great video clip your company branding project will simply steer itself as people will share your video clips on their own official online profiles such as in Google circles, Twitter, Facebook etc. With this activity ongoing you will be able to reach as many consumers online as possible.

5. The entire society knows that video clips.

It meant to provide a certain sense of entertainment that helps them to relax their minds and simply process the information being passed on. With this in mind, you make sure that even as you educate and inspire you audience you are also entertaining them well enough to spark their decisions to purchase your products. As it is reported that more than sixty percent of consumers will watch educative videos for at least two minutes.

6. Video marketing brings the business and company right in front of the client.

They don’t have to wait to make time to visit any one of your stores or have to organize an expensive long distance trip to visit your official stores in order to learn more about the products you sell and your brand. They can just simply have this experience with watch an informative video that also extends to answering the frequently asked question as well.

7. Your company will also get live feedback from potential clients and have the chance to directly interact with them. They will know of the strengths and weakness much faster than in having organized to conduct hands on field marketing research program.

8. Video marketing is cost effective and it cannot be depleted.
Once you have managed to post your video advertising clip online the expense of having this clip there is very cheap, the returns are high due to more clients, and the only person who can remove it is you as there is no way of damaging it.
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