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The Best Tools To Help Make Your Blogging More Effective


Blogging is an activity that will not only enable you to express what you love but also make money. However, you need to have the right kind of content and to monetize your blog effectively. You also need to ensure that you bring in the right kind of traffic to your site, if your monetization efforts are to bear fruits.

Many tools exist for your use, if you want to enhance your blogging capabilities. Your job is to ensure that you make use of the right tools to optimize your blogging activities. Only then will you begin to see wonderful financial results from your efforts.

1. Brainstorming tools:

No matter how passionate you are about your subject matter, after a while, you will likely run out of ideas on what you want to write. During this time, you need to go back to the drawing board and brainstorm on new ways to approach your subject matter.

Brainstorming tools such as BuzzSumo will come in handy in helping you come up with new angles on the issues you want to tackle in your blog.

So, how do those tools work?

Well, some brainstorming tools, such as BuzzSumo named above, enable you to have access to the various search results based on different platforms used for commenting. You can then determine which of your blog posts were the most popular. You can also do the same for your competitors’ sites.

The insight you obtain with regard to the most popular posts on social media platforms should enable you to tackle the mentioned subject matters. You can look for various angles that address the issues raised through comments.

Brainstorming tools, which utilize social media platforms to determine popularity of previous blog posts, can help you enhance your blogging. You will be able to ensure that your visitors are able to learn more in the issues, which affect them more.

2. Social media spreading tools:

There is no way, in which you can ignore the social media popularity that exists currently. You can however, take advantage of that popularity to enhance your blog posts’ visibility to the relevant audience. With competition for traffic being so stiff, being able to take advantage of social media can only benefit you.

Social media related tools such as Easy Tweet Embed and Namechk are your friends. With the latter, you can verify if the domain names you are interested in having on various social media platforms are free. This will enable you to select a name that is in line with your blogging subject matter to make it stick in the minds of your audience. Easy Tweet Embed on the other hand will help in the creation of many pre-populated tweets, which can be retweeted easily. This will enable you to expand the reach of your blogs to a bigger audience.

3. Archiving and Retrieval Tools:

Your ability to blog effectively will be at times influenced by your ability to archive and retrieve the relevant data effectively. The longer you take in doing these tasks, the more time you will waste. This time could have been used better to create higher quality content for your readers and followers.

You need to take advantage of retrieval tools like Add from Server. This particular tool can be used to import easily any files that have been uploaded into the WordPress media library. These include audio files and video files that you may want to use within your blog content. The process of uploading these files becomes so much easier.

You can also utilize archiving tools such as Internet Archive. If you are a fan of audio blogs or podcast content, then this tool in particular will be very helpful. Instead of having to pay more money to store your files, you can just use Internet Archive to store those audio files free of charge. Embedding the files in your blog will be easy after that.

4. Graphics tools:

People love blog content, which has plenty of graphics. Using graphics tools is therefore the best way to ensure that people get their visual fix that they require. Tools like Easel.ly offer you plenty of templates that can enhance your non-existent graphic making skills. This will help bring in more traffic and keep the attention of your visitors.

Bottom Line

With so many options when it comes to blogging tools, you need to ensure that you select the right ones for the job. Take your time when it comes to research, so that you can end up with the best possible results.
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