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How future of web development change in future with AI?


AI is everywhere–AI is used in day – to – day activities from chatbots to virtual assistants. Virtual assistants such as Siri and Cortana help users to process their queries via voice over the Internet. They can perform the simple task of playing music, setting the alarm and reporting on the weather. Home assistants like Google home and Amazon Echo also offer users simple home appliance activation. AI is creeping in our daily lives, slowly but certainly.

AI aims to create expert systems and implement human intelligence in machines (” Artificial Intelligence Overview ” 2018). Machine learning an AI branch that allows web applications to adapt by observing and learning from the habits, characteristics and preferences of users. Web development is a very popular field because users are always searching for a rich and individual content. Nothing is better than the user experience. Web development companies face the challenge of moving away from traditional Web development approaches. The need for AI and the related tools is therefore felt.

Automation of web development places less emphasis on web developers. With AI’s involvement in the process, web developers can leave the complex task to the AI and focus on the added value aspects of web application development, such as planning rich user experience, design strategies and other related activities. In fact, cooperation with human machines can revolutionize the area of web development.

Some companies have already launched a DIY website such as The Grid. This is an AI – powered website designer that automatically determines your website’s colour, theme and style. The Grid optimizes, organizes and designs the website based on preference, topic and content. Firedrop, Molly and Wix ‘s ADI are other AI-integrated website builders who have been highly mentioned this year.

There are so many ways to improve web development in modern artificial intelligence solutions:

1. AI virtual assistants that simplify web development: AI can simplify the painstaking task of designing basic layouts and web page templates. AI virtual assistants can create custom content by asking website owner questions.

2. We analyze with AI: Many web analytics tools can assist you with SEO strategies, but only people can interpret these data. AI can analyze and mine web analytics data and generate ideas to eliminate irregularities in the website architecture. From the SEO perspective, it can also highlight bad content.

3. AI web development offers superior end – user experience: customer queries can be taken care of by chatbots. A chat room integrated with AI can simulate real conversations by learning from past conversations and accordingly adopting the answers and actions. These chatbots can answer the questions and comment on blog posts and provide real – time support.

Future of AI web design

There are so many things AI can offer to different industries and web design is not untouched. AI can do tedious web design tasks that will help designers to create a website from scratch. It can analyze the content and preferences of the user to customize the site. It can help the expert as well as the beginner and allow a novice to manage their own website without any problems.

• Cognitive skills: Artificial intelligence machines can design their cognitive skills. Machines can perceive the environment using sensors and IoT, which can help to simulate the imagination and use it to create attractive and eye – catching graphics. Like a person, you can search the Internet for some beautiful graphics.

• Context Apprehension: There is a significant difference between an inefficient program and an intelligent algorithm, which is that the first one will perform the same task sequence without taking into account the context. A clever algorithm understands what the user wants by looking at the context. Due to the cognitive abilities of artificial intelligence, it can capture the color that matches the tone of the website and the user’s preference.

• Design incoherence’s: most websites fail due to design: incoherence. The incoherence’s are too low to be recognized by the designers, but they have a very bad impact on the user experience. Machines are very useful in picking up and fixing inconsistencies. Due to its unrivaled cognitive skills, AI can quickly recover inconsistencies and solve the problem by combining machine learning and context apprehension skills.

• Identification of structure: Modern AI can quickly detect the smallest image variations. In fact, images are made of tiny pixels, each of which is responsible for the creation of an ultimate work of art. AI can read and distinguish each pixel in a picture. The object in the image can be identified by distinguishing the pixels in the image. It can also be trained in artificial intelligence programming to identify different structures on similar websites.

AI–A boon or bane debate AI causes people to fear that it will soon replace human labor (Beauchamp & Beauchamp, 2018). Today, however, the technology relies entirely on people to train them on what they should do. Google’s Quick Draw AI experiment shows how AI guesses about other people’s past inputs. Wherever we stand with technology, people still value the touch of people. Without human intervention, AI cannot work successfully.
Statements by Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have created doubts in people’s minds and they have to believe that artificial intelligence will take their jobs away. Before we begin this debate, we still have a long way to go. As at present, AI is a completely safe technology and makes it easy and manageable for web developers.

We must accept the technological changes surrounding AI in order to evolve. AI development is one of the gates to the future that can bring a great deal of good.


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