With the development of social media automation process, the businesses get their new way of promotion. This newest marketing technology transforms the way of marketing a business. Larger companies make the use of significant brands to endorse their products or services and reach their customers with the use of intelligent social media promotions. However, small businesses know the truth of this way of promoting a business because the return on investment from it is very low. Also sometimes the promises made by automated social media are not fulfilled.

Actually there are combined reviews on the appropriate use of automated social media for small business. Because of this some small business owners that are new to this get confused. They put together social media with SEO as an extra online marketing trend which they don’t understand and sometime can’t afford.

Few Barriers for small business owners who are new to automated social media

  • The expectation from social marketing strategy is very high. It is obvious because this is the only easy way of promoting your business around the globe. However this is not the truth if it is about return on investment. Many small business owners don’t be able to afford their services and also beginners don’t be able to get the idea of strong tracking or CRM and thus they only trust on their guts. With the limited use of this marketing strategy they are not able to get higher return on investment.
  • The other big barrier for beginners is that social media is hard to use and very time consuming. Social media supporter always believe that every business owner who makes the use of social media for marketing of his products or services should tweet every respond of business and also their check-in anywhere they go. But if we think in realism, then for many people it is not possible to hold such lifestyle of liking, pluses and pining on social media every time. Also sometime the any automated portion of social media can be spammy which is further not a good news for small business owner.

How beginners of small business should make the appropriate use of social media

  • Anyway if small business owners want to include social media automation process in their business then it is good to make use internet marketing.
  • The internet marketing has already left great impact on promotion of any business online because social signals from internet marketing influence ranking of any business site on search engines.
  • This kind of social media is taken as an “assist” because customer can determine the authenticity and reputation of any business during the buying procedure.
  • Customer retention can be usually enhanced by giving strong social media presence on internet.

However always start slow with automated social media process and try to automate most of the part of social media in order to keep the costs down. Don’t expect much because the above discussed benefits are secondary when use social media for a small business. So, don’t ignore social media because in the coming times it will not be acceptable thinking. Small business owners should make themselves  as resource-constrained and also be clever. If in this way small business owner automate the execution of social media then they can be go far.

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