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How to Market Your Product to Teens


If you want to make money with your business, there’s no better way than marketing your product and services to teens. That’s because teens often have two sources of income: their parents and a part-time job. And, their often free of bills or payments so no demographic has a bigger disposable income. Teens are often the ones who are most likely to utilise new technology, so if you want to market to that demographic, you have to stay ahead of the game. Here’s how you can do it.

Music Platforms

Advertising on music platforms gives you a fantastic way of staying visible with teens. Using websites like Spotify or Youtube means that people of that age are more likely to see you and what you offer. Music is something that teens will always enjoy and it’s a way for your business to stay relevant to the latest trends. The great thing about sites like this is that they value business advertising because they’re free for users. This means that you’ll get good advertising analytics so you can be sure you’re targeting the right people.

Go to Them

Not all advertising has to be done online. In fact, when it comes to teens, a lot can be said for traditional advertising. If you really want to make a success of your business, try taking your product to your audience. Do demonstrations in malls on the weekend, where teens tend to hang out. Take your services to schools, colleges or student events. It’s even better if you catch some teens with their parents. If parents can see that your products or services are enjoyed or useful, they’re more likely to invest in them on behalf of their teen.

Establish Trust

Teens may not be young children, but parents will still worry about their safety. Many parents like to check websites, apps, games and more to ensure their child is safe while online and offline. As a business that markets to teens, you need to be as trustworthy as they come. You can find trustworthy web hosting at Hosting Foundry and it’s worth picking up some tips on what you can do while building your website to keep your users safe and secure.

Stay Simple

Think about the platforms that most teenagers use on a daily basis. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Some of them only allow 140-character posts which means the youth of today is learning to communicate in short, sharp blasts. A long marketing post on any of these platforms is going to lose the attention of your audience. If you want to get their attention, you need to learn how to market your products in short sentences. The best way to attract your target audience is through pictures, videos and infographics. Remember to keep ahead of rising networks. Who thought SnapChat would rise so quickly?

Intrigue Them

Why should teens pay attention to you? With their school lives, love lives, family lives and more, what makes you worth noticing? The trouble with targeting teens is that you have a lot of competition. If you want them to take notice, you need to think about marketing to them on an emotional level. Make them laugh, make them cry, make them contemplate. You have to get to the heart of what it really means to be a teenager.


Social media is the best place to find a constant stream of teens. The problem is, social media moves so quickly, if you’re not engaging with your audience, it’s likely you’ll be lost amongst the crowd. Don’t believe that posting twice a week on different platforms is enough to get your desired result. If you want to stay relevant and remain in the minds of teens, you need to be engaging with them every day. Every time a teen takes a break or feels bored for a split second, you can almost guarantee they’ll take out their phone and browse social media sites. Find out what the peak times are for teens to be online and post when you’re most likely to be seen.


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On sites like Facebook, unless you manually turn the function off, videos are automatically played as you scroll down your newsfeed. That means that your business video will start playing in front of your audience whether they asked for it or not. It’s a great opportunity to get your marketing message out there. Social media users are far more likely to take interest in videos than other posts now, just out of curiosity, so use it to your advantage.

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