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Magic Marketing Tips That Work


Getting out there and making your business visible is essential. Everything you want to do depends on being seen and heard.  Great and successful marketing does not have to be complicated and building your brand can be fun and rewarding. A few dynamic simple strategies could see your business up and flying.

Free stuff

Everybody loves free stuff!  All the better if that novelty or coupon is actually useful or worth something. Create some interest by developing a range of stuff that you can give away. Learn to differentiate between the obvious pens and key-rings and the stuff that can link right back to your core business.  Create a curiosity and a demand for your product.  Find real physical places where you can pop up and entice your potential customers. From Farmers Market’s to pedaling a tricycle around town.  Get creative with this one.

Be sure to be seen.

You might have to fit a small engine for the tricycle for this one.  Where are the places your future customers will hang out?  From networking events to trade fairs, get out there and be seen. Where is the foot traffic heading?  If it’s the crowd on the way to work, get out there and greet them. If there’s no suitable event going on, create your own!   Develop real leads by offering an opportunity for like-minded people to hang out and share ideas, or solve problems and find solutions.

Piggy back ride

Make some inquiries and have a good think about products that are different from yours but could link in some useful way. Like bread and butter, find your ideal companion and see if you can’t create demand based around mutual attraction

Tell your story

This is what everybody wants to hear.  It is how we relate to each other. Our curiosity for the experience of others leads us in. We want to know more.  Explore the limitless possibilities of press release distribution.

We love to hear about the mistakes of others.  We also like to hear about their successes. Turn you journey into your success and story.  Why not get a podcast out there or a YouTube link?  In fact anywhere social media can go, there is a chance for you to get your story out. Send a weekly email. Make it funny, curious and interesting and people will come to expect it. They will want to be a part of whatever you are creating.

Sponsor a cause.

Getting behind someone or something could be a goldmine regarding publicity.  This is not a cynical exercise in marketing but a real chance to link your product or service with a worthy cause. Find a team that needs a helping hand, create a prize, start a contest. You never know where these links will take you.

There may be a lot of competition out there. The fact is that business will not just come to you.  Get out there verbally, visually and literally and your business could be flying sooner than you think



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