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Responsive Web Design and its importance


With tablet and mobile based browsing is becoming more design oriented and user-centric, every business owner today should realize the importance of responsive web design. Web design is consistently adapting to user experience, with the end users wanting to know and experience something factual to the brand they have just encountered while they browse the web, without having to bargain user experience.

With millions of people across the world who use smartphones and tablets in surfing the web, it is very obvious that design and user experienced today are not the same with the ones in the past. Before the surge of mobile gadgets equipped with advanced web browsing abilities, the main basic challenge faced by web designers was keeping the look of the websites while different desktop PC browsers are used in accessing them.

On the other hand, to access websites by using smartphones or tablets is not actually different from how web surfing can be done with the use of a desktop computer. Certain aspects like pixel resolution, Adobe Flash technology support, Click vs. Touch and a lot more became essential in building a website with a responsive design. To understand the importance of responsive of web design, you should learn first what it is.


Responsive Web Design – What Is It?

Responsive web design is the method of laying-out and coding a site in such a way that the website provides the best viewing experience. It permits ease of navigation and reading with a least of panning, scrolling, and resizing and it makes a certain website available on a wide array of gadgets ranging from PCs to smartphones. A designer who focuses on creating and producing a responsive web design must make sure that the navigation elements of a website, screen layouts, images, text, video or audio players and other UI factors transform themselves on various gadgets. Hence, the web designer needs to spend less time and money in building and producing a mobile website version and another desktop site version of the site.

The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has become important because of the following:

  • Money and Time – the idea that making a highly responsive website will cost you a thousand of dollars is a misconception. The truth is that as the cost to build a responsive site is quite a bit more than to create an ordinary website, the expense on website duplication for mobile phones and other gadgets become completely nullified. As an outcome, the cost of total development drops significantly. Aside from that, a responsive website design also reduces the cost of total ownership as it doesn’t require maintaining 2 individual versions of a website such as the mobile version and desktop version. Therefore, eventually, financing a responsive web design is the wisest decision you can make.
  • Perversion of the portable devices – web traffic coming from mobile gadgets increases every day. While more and more people adapt the habit of surfing the web through their smartphones and tablets, it is bad for a website to disregard the importance of responsive web design.
  • User experience – as the content and its discoverability are the most crucial factors for a website’s success, it’s the user experience that permits the visitors to admit the content of a website from the device they use anytime. It means that responsive web design is regarding providing the appropriate user experience nonetheless of whether they make use of a smartphone, desktop computer, tablet or s smart TV.

All of these simply elaborate the importance of responsive web design. Hence, to adopt the approach of responsive web design is a smarter thing to do.


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