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Social Media Automation: The Surprising Benefits That You Need To Know


In today’s generation, social media is booming everywhere. For the past few years, small business owners and entrepreneurs are relying heavily on Google search rankings using SEO (search engine optimization). It is either they’re doing it themselves or outsourcing it to high-quality SEO providers around the corner.

They’re going to create websites from scratch, doing traditional On-page and off-page SEO tactics to get them to the top of Google. Until today, SEO is still very useful as long you know the recent changes to Google algorithm. However, there is a different and smart way for businesses and companies to promote their brand, and that is through social media.

Various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on are being used by different companies and businesses to promote themselves. However, they are doing it manually using updating their social media pages, groups, and other features. As a result, it will eat a lot of their time and may have some problems to manage it for other tasks.

What if there is a way to automate their social media campaigns? Would it change the game fair and square?

For some businesses and companies, it is a big help to boost their campaigns while doing other tasks outside of it. Most businesses have their programmed business computerization setups. Automation enhances constant and prompt messaging throughout the entire body.

There are benefits of social media automation that most business is not aware. Here is a list of the beneficial attributes that automation brings to an organization:

  • Automating your social media campaigns is all about consistency. Real time posting on a regular schedule avoids confusion and posts deliveries are in order. Scheduled posts will have a high percentage of viewership.
  • You can control the time to update your posts, even if the accessing party is on the other side of the world. You’ll have a longer reach for the people you want your messages accessed.
  • Your social media updates will allow your team to spot errors along the way if there are any.
  • The appropriate amount of content, when shared with potential clients, will reach them gradually. Flooding them with posts will tend to sow confusion.
  • Controlling your shared content can boost sales when delivered at the right time.
  • It will give you control on what to share and when to share your posts and updates. It will help you track your key performance indicators and share them with your team if necessary. Strategies will have a chance to improve when monitored.
  • An organization leader will have more productive hours in a day to do more tasks needed for his company to grow.
  • More time to work out of the box and be creative with precious time released due to the automated process.
  • Be in control of the special events and holiday plans for your updates months ahead.
  • It gets the team involved with no one left out. Productivity will be on top of issues when constantly reminded of their roles to the organization.

Automating social media campaigns will benefit the marketing department most. The marketing channels will have the advantage towards the uptrend of their sales.

Here are some of the pros that the marketing team needs to know:

  • With marketing and sales working hand in hand, the sales results determine if the marketing strategies were efficient or a failure. Marketing will expedite the sales efforts, saving time and energy in the run. Constant posts and update deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Return of Investment will be faster when this happens.
  • Funneled leads will be on its way to sales closures. Lead management is essential to the marketing department as it directs the flow of interested buyers guiding them on what they buy and how they are going to pay for it.
  • Another indication that marketing and sales work in close collaboration together is lead scoring. The more the score, the higher the chances of closing out the deal. If point scores are not satisfactory, adding more attention to marketing will indicate the need to improve further.
  • The business owner will see the key performance indicators once you automate the social media marketing process. Having this program, the boss will have control on how to lead his organization in the right direction. If things don’t go the way you want it to be, it is better to change strategies as seen on data generated by means of automation.
  • Experts are absent in this field. The electronic program will take care of that for you. One less workforce in overhead expenses.
  • More time for the marketing team to pull out the creativity in them and be more productive in their areas of expertise.

The Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) is currently in use by 70% of businesses as of today. The size of people under you doesn’t matter. You will have an extended reach using this program.


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