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7 Most Popular fitness WordPress Themes for Health and Yoga

Your passion for a fabulous website on fitness will now come true. You will be creating stunning websites independently and can even earn without...

7 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Themes

Who doesn't want an easy way to develop and customize their Wordpress site? Well, almost everybody does, especially those who are not familiar with...

How to edit your WordPress theme files from admin menu?

Sooner or later, you'll likely feel the need to make changes in your WordPress theme. The best thing is that you can edit your...

Top 5 Responsive WordPress Themes ‘14!

Choosing a theme for your blog often sounds like planning a journey to the centre of the Earth! Exaggerated? Not really! WordPress  gives you...

WordPress Blogging: Let’s Start It Right

It is always intimidating to do things for the very first time.  Even when you “seem” to know most by word-of-mouth, WordPress blogging could...
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