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Top 3 Concepts For Structuring Your Concept in Answer to Google Hummingbird


The release of the Hummingbird update for the Google algorithm changes how the search engine responds to the more complex and longer search queries made by online users. The update has made a significant impact on the concept of content creation in order to make it more responsive and compliant to the Hummingbird update that can affect a web page content ranking on the search engine. While it is not too obvious how the Hummingbird affects a website search rank, it can test and challenge your own knowledge graph in order to make more valuable and relevant content for better search ranking.

While this is to the best advantage among serious content creators, some may find it difficult on how to position their content concept in order to make their site more compliant and Google Hummingbird friendly when answering more complex queries. If you need some help how to start creating a website content revamp, these top 3 concepts will likely help you to start somewhere in your Hummingbird friendly content formulation and to enhance your SERP tracking ability.

Key Concept # 1. Optimizing your content title, description and tags

Optimizing your content using the proper search engine optimization tactics of using appropriate title, content description and tags will help your web page content yield better performance on the search queries. Regardless of whatever form of digital content that you are gearing for your web page content (like blogs, infographics, videos or images), it is your ultimate goal to optimize your content title, description and tags. Using these important elements can help boost your SERP rank and there are other ways to further optimize your key concepts in this respect. This includes adding numbers to your title at least at the beginning like “5 Ways to ..” or “Top 10 …” provides a better signal to your readers. Using strong words on your title can likewise merit in getting your reader’s attention and using more action verbs con constructively make your content more revealing and interesting to the search engine users.

Key Concept # 2. Focus your content based on the search trend

If you are interested about SERP tracking, you can produce more meaningful content results by keeping your content update based on the search trend. Because the search queries made by the search engine users are getting more conversational and using long tail phrases, you should also take a different direction when searching for keywords to use in your content. With the advent of the Apple and Google search technology using voice based search, you should include in your concept using more conversational keywords to address this current search trend. By understanding the search engine user’s search pattern, you can keep your content focused based on their relevance to the current trend.

Key Concept # 3. Create useful and information rich content

The usefulness and relevance of your content in addressing the needs of your readers should be one of the focuses of your content creation approach. The Hummingbird algorithm is greatly concerned about information rich content on web pages in order to place websites to a higher search engine ranking page. Try to develop a unique concept on your content by using keywords that search engine users will likely type when searching for your web page content. Try to focus in writing content for your web pages not mainly for the search engine but more importantly for humans. It is simply about writing content with enriching content that readers will find very useful and relevant to their needs when making queries from the search engine.


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