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Visual Design Fundamentals


The grid is a system for layout, it’s a structure that you can apply to canvas to help you organize content in a systematic way. But also, the grid will allow you to create contrast through which you can display importance and meaning. It is a very important consideration in web designing. Colours play a major role on screen. Something that you might like in print design, like very vibrant yellow or black might not look great on screen. Choosing the right typeface is also significant. When you’re deciding on the font, you have to think that someone has to actually read it. Let’s say if you want someone to read something first, you turn it into a headline. You have to make it stand out, make it big on the page, at a great position where it looks most eye catching.

Visual design

User research is all about understanding people’s behaviour. When you’re using a website that is impossible to get through, that would be failure of user experience. The person who created it never took the time to understand what your target audience actually wants. There are some websites that are able to get it right. They have been thoughtful about the unique ways in which their target audience would like to search for items. The website users were able to look for items by colour, by texture, or by the age of an item.

The website like Facebook has feathers all over it to cater different segments. The design is really about the bells and whistles, it’s about several peoples’ needs. So, if the bells and whistles serve the people’s need than its great, but they don’t, they don’t belong there. The most important thing in web designing is not how it looks, it’s deciding if the content is accessible to people. It is accessible to everyone, and it’s really that thinking that allowed us to mobile the way of things we have now. It allowed us to make mobile the new mass media.

We don’t even know the physical context of which users are visiting a website. They may at home, they may be at work, and they may be sitting on the toilet, but we have to take into account where they are, and what information they need at that point of time. People are now designing one website and allowing the content to reflow and adapt to different screen sizes and different resolutions. The experienced is more tailored to the device that you’re on. Apps have changed things considerably too, but it’s even younger obviously than web design. Now truly, anyone with a phone can say something to the whole world. It’s pretty magical, and believed to be the most important change that has happened.

Involving your users in website designing at every stage is so crucial. Now, seeing that anyone out there can easily make a website is very empowering. All the things that we use to need background skills to accomplish are now accessible to anyone, and that is really great.

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