Are you looking for the perfect Joomla 4 template for your website, but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our top five picks for the best free Joomla 4 templates available. These templates are not only visually stunning but also user-friendly and easy to customize. Whether you’re running a business or a personal blog, these templates will help ensure that your website stands out from the crowd without costing you a penny. So let’s dive in and discover some fantastic options that will take your online presence to new heights!

Joomla 4

Joomla 4 is the upcoming version of the Joomla! content management system (CMS). It is currently in development, with a release date yet to be announced.

Joomla 4 is a complete rewrite of the Joomla! codebase, making it faster, easier to use, and more extensible than ever before. The new version will also include a brand new front-end template called “Athena”, which has been designed specifically for Joomla 4.

If you’re looking for a free Joomla! template to use on your website, then you can’t go wrong with one of the templates listed below. These templates have all been updated to work with Joomla 4, and they’re all 100% free to download and use.

The 5 best free Joomla 4 Templates

There are many great free Joomla 4 templates available, but finding the best ones can be a challenge. This is why we’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the 5 best free Joomla 4 templates.

1. Asteria Lite

Asteria Lite is a clean and modern template that is perfect for any type of website. It comes with a wide range of features, including a responsive design, social media integration, and more.

2. Helix Ultimate

Helix Ultimate is another great option for those looking for a modern and responsive Joomla 4 template. It includes many powerful features, such as unlimited color options, drag-and-drop layout builder, and much more.

3. JoomShaper Shaper Helix3

Shaper Helix3 is a fully responsive Joomla 3+ template that comes with a wide range of features to help you create an amazing website. Some of its features include drag-and-drop layout builder, unlimited color options, Google Fonts support, and more.

4. Gantry 5 Framework

Gantry 5 is a powerful framework that helps you create beautiful websites with ease. It includes many features such asLayout Manager, Particles System, Page Builder Integration, and much more. And it’s also fully compatible with Joomla 4.

5. T3 Framework Base Theme

T3 Framework is a powerful Joomla 4 template framework that comes with many features such as responsive design, page builder integration, unlimited color options, and more. And it also includes a base theme to help you get started quickly.

How to install Joomla 4 Templates

Installing Joomla 4 templates is a breeze. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install a Joomla 4 template in just a few minutes.

First, download the Joomla 4 template you want to install. We recommend using the latest stable release of Joomla 4 for this tutorial.

Next, unzip the template archive and upload the contents to your Joomla 4 installation directory. If you’re using FTP, make sure to upload the files to the /templates/ folder.

Once the files are uploaded, go to your Joomla 4 administration panel and navigate to Extensions > Templates. On the following page, click on the “Install” button next to the template you just uploaded.

Joomla will now install the template and it will be available for selection in the Template Manager. Select it from the list and click on “Default” to set it as your default template. That’s it! You’ve successfully installed a Joomla 4 template.

How to use Joomla 4 Templates?

Joomla 4 templates can be a great way to get started with building a website. They provide a basic framework that you can use to create a custom website. In this article, we will show you how to use Joomla 4 templates to create a custom website.

First, you need to choose a template that you like. There are many free Joomla 4 templates available online. Once you have found a template that you like, download it and extract the files to your computer.

Next, you need to create a new database for your Joomla 4 website. You can do this using the phpMyAdmin tool included with your web hosting account. Once the database is created, import the Joomla 4 database file into it.

Now, you need to edit the configuration file of your Joomla 4 website. You will need to set up the database details and specify your base URL. Save the configuration file and upload it to your web server.

Finally, you need to install the Joomla 4 software on your web server. You can do this using the cPanel tool included with your web hosting account. Once Joomla 4 is installed, you can access it by going to http://yourdomainname/administrator in your web browser.


Joomla 4 templates are a great way to create beautiful, modern websites with minimal effort. We’ve put together this list of the 5 best free Joomla 4 templates, so you can easily get started and begin building your own website today. From creative portfolios to business sites, these templates offer something for everyone and are sure to help you build an amazing website in no time at all. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with one of these amazing free Joomla 4 templates now!

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