Elementor makes designing and editing WordPress website pages simple while offering real-time preview. The visual, drag-and-drop editor also lets you easily create page templates to ensure all pages share the same look and feel.

Elementor’s free version typically provides enough design control for most users; however, larger businesses requiring more sophisticated layout may want to upgrade to Elementor Pro for maximum effectiveness.

It’s easy to use

Elementor Pro has an intuitive visual editor similar to WordPress’ native editor, enabling you to modify and preview page layouts live – providing a more user-friendly and expeditious design process.

Additionally, this plugin features an extensive library of templates you can use for your content creation process. These templates are organized by their purpose and easily integrated into pages; additionally, this library offers several widgets you can utilize on pages.

Elementor Pro’s Global Widgets feature is one of its greatest advantages, enabling you to set any widget as global and apply it across different pages or posts on your site. By setting global widgets you can easily change their styling without needing to create another widget – saving both time and effort in doing so! You can even define different styles for individual widgets like buttons.

It’s powerful

Elementor Pro offers unique customization capabilities not found with other page builders; its front end customization of elements and widgets enables real-time changes that reflect on live browser pages – a huge benefit for those who prefer working without needing to refresh tabs repeatedly!

This plugin comes equipped with an extensive selection of pre-made templates to use, such as header, footer, single post archive templates and more. These mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly designs come in both free and pro versions for easy choice. There are more than 150 free and 300 pro templates to select from!

Elementor Pro continues to add features that improve its functionality, such as adding custom fields, using tables of contents, and creating dynamic pages that display different content depending on a viewer’s device. Furthermore, it integrates with popular email marketing/autoresponder platforms like GetResponse, Drip, MailChimp and ConvertKit as well as easily running A/B tests on landing pages and popups – including A/B testing of landing pages/popups! In addition it boasts full revision history / recovery feature so you can refer back to previous design iterations when editing designs!

It’s easy to customize

Elementor Pro offers numerous features designed to streamline and simplify web design workflow. One such feature, called Global Widgets, allows you to create widgets once and use them across all pages of your website – saving both time and effort since each element such as buttons doesn’t need to be edited individually.

Consistency also ensures you have an aesthetically pleasing design on specific elements like forms, banners and popups – creating an overall more professional appearance to the website even with multiple authors contributing.

As well, you have access to a vast network of professionals that you can leverage for making your site stand out. Search by expertise, services offered, skills offered, language spoken or price to easily find the ideal person or team for your project – ensuring its completion on time and within your budget.

It’s affordable

Elementor pro is an affordable and user-friendly choice for WordPress website designers seeking to craft professional and responsive sites. With full-site editing capability and a host of widgets to get them underway quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, its live preview feature enables easy content editing.

Revision history makes it simple and efficient to track and redo your work, while using hotkeys (Ctrl-Z on Windows and CMD-Z on Mac) you can undo last actions quickly and easily. There is also an intuitive snippets panel which makes adding and customizing text and style easily.

Elementor offers an assortment of plugins designed to increase conversion rate on your site, including integrations with marketing automation platforms and CRMs like Zapier, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Drip and Slack. Furthermore, its Forms widget enables you to visually design forms before seamlessly incorporating them onto pages.

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