Are you tired of manually exporting order items in your WooCommerce store? Say hello to Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce! This powerful plugin allows you to easily export your order data and save time on tedious manual tasks. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the different types of products that can be exported, the advantages of using this plugin, and how to use it effectively. Get ready to streamline your eCommerce business with Export Order Items Pro!

What is the export order items pro for woocommerce?

Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce is a plugin designed to simplify the process of exporting order data from your WooCommerce store. It’s a powerful tool that can save you hours of manual work by automating the exportation process.

This plugin allows you to export various types of data, including order details, product information, and customer details. With Export Order Items Pro, you have complete control over what data to include in your exports.

Whether you need to analyze sales trends or keep track of inventory levels, this plugin makes it easy for you to access all the crucial data at once. You’ll also be able to customize the fields and format of your export files according to your needs.

Export Order Items Pro is an essential tool for any online retailer looking for a time-saving solution when managing their eCommerce store. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features like dynamic date range filters, this plugin offers unparalleled functionality at an unbeatable price point!

The Different types of products that can be exported

Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that allows you to export your order data from your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can easily export different types of products and their details.

The first type of product that can be exported is the simple product. Simple products are single items without variations or options. They have a unique SKU, price, and other basic information like weight and dimensions.

Next up are variable products which come in different sizes, colors or styles. These may include attributes such as size, color or style with corresponding variations per each attribute. You can also see stock levels across all variations within one screen.

You can also export grouped products which are collections of related items sold together as one unit on your store. It’s an effective way to offer bundles of similar items at once rather than separately.

There’s the external/affiliate product where you don’t sell it directly but instead redirect customers who click on it to another website where they will buy it then return back to your site after completing the purchase.

Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce provides flexibility when exporting various kinds of orders making life easier by saving time and effort in managing online businesses.

The advantages of using the export order items pro

The Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce comes with a host of advantages that make it an essential tool for any online store owner. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by using this plugin.

Firstly, exporting your order items saves time and effort. You no longer have to manually copy and paste each item from every order into a spreadsheet as the Export Order Items Pro automatically exports all data in just one click.

Secondly, the flexibility of customizing your exported data is another advantage of using this plugin. You can choose which fields you want to include or exclude in your export file so that you only get the information that’s relevant to you.

Thirdly, accuracy is guaranteed since there’s no room for human error when exporting data via the plugin. This means that merchants save time and money on reconciling orders later on.

Users can easily schedule exports on a regular basis without having to remember to do so manually – reducing hassle and increasing productivity!

The Export Order Items Pro offers many benefits such as saving time and effort while ensuring accuracy through automation – making it a must-have tool for anyone running an online store!

How to use the export order items pro

Exporting order items with Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce is a simple and straightforward process. The plugin allows you to customize the export format to fit your needs, so you can easily extract all relevant data from your orders. Here’s how to use it:

First, install and activate the plugin on your WooCommerce site. Once activated, navigate to the “Export Orders” tab in your WordPress dashboard.

From there, select the date range for which you want to export orders or leave it blank if you wish to export all orders. You can also filter orders by status or by customer if needed.

Next, choose the type of file format that best suits your needs such as CSV or Excel (XLS). You can also customize fields and headers based on what information you need.

Click on “Generate Export File” button. Wait a few seconds while the system generates an excel sheet containing all relevant details of exported order items. Once done, download this file directly into our computer system.

With these easy steps ,you can quickly extract valuable information from your WooCommerce store using Export Order Items Pro without any hassle!


To sum up, the Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce is an essential plugin that every business owner should have. It helps to save time and effort by exporting order items in various formats quickly. With this plugin, you can export all kinds of products with ease, whether simple or variable products.

The advantages of using this tool are numerous – it enables you to manage your inventory more effectively, allows you to keep track of product sales data easily and saves time when generating reports.

By following the steps outlined above on how to use the Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce, it’s easy to see why it has become a popular choice among e-commerce businesses worldwide.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your online store operations and make your life easier as a business owner, look no further than Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce!

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