If you have an eCommerce business, then having a website is a must for you. Given the fact that this is the only medium between you and the clients, it is a must that you design the site with great caution. E-commerce websites should be designed in a way that it satisfy the commercial needs of the business. In order to ensure that you get a greater chance at building a successful eCommerce website. It is best that you take into consideration all the principles below in designing your site.

1.)    User-Friendly Interface and Navigation. An E commerce website should be very easy to navigate. In addition to that, the interface should also be simple and easy to work with. Due to the fact that online shoppers are not given any chance to touch and feel the products, it is best that you give them something that will give them an idea on how the products look like. Plus, the search process should be a walk in the park.

2.)    Creativity. If you wish to create a great eCommerce website, then creativity is one good skill to have. Of course, a website can only get high quality traffic if it is attractive and user friendly. However, one thing you should keep in mind is the fact that you are selling products and not the website design. Design your website in a way that it can address common questions and objectives of your target market.

3.)    Security. Keep in mind that your website will carry out the transactions between you and the client. This is why it is expected that there is a need for them to enter in various personal details in your site in order to complete the transaction. This is why clients and the website owners should prioritize the security of the site. This is why you must ensure that all transactions are made secure.

4.)    Fast response. A lot of ecommerce websites incorporate flash files together with heavy coding to make the site a lot more attractive. However, this may hamper the response time of the website. The bigger the files the website has, the longer it would take for it to load. Lots of eCommerce clients today are quite impatient. In the event that the customers get annoyed, the tendency would be to look for another eCommerce site they would be doing business with. That’s one lost sale and customer for you.

5.)    Immediate Solution to Client queries. When your client enters your website, he may encounter some questions and issues while he is shopping. Because of this, it is best that you have some sort of online customer service which should be available at all times.

With all the aspects given above, you get a greater chance at building a great media platform between you and your clients.

Aileen is a blogger from Online visions. Online Visions specialize in ecommerce website design and development using the Magento ecommerce platform because it is the most powerful platform to compete in a growing industry. Described as “the ecommerce platform for growth”, Magneto has all you need to sell well online.

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