Venmo is one of the most favored payment platforms in the US and provides online sellers a simple, safe checkout experience for their customers.

Install the Braintree Gateway for WooCommerce plugin first and enable it from within your admin dashboard.

Boost Conversions

Venmo, the popular mobile payment app, enables users to send money instantly without incurring fees – an extremely convenient feature used widely among millennials that could help your conversion rates by increasing average order value (AOV).

Venmo users who want to send or request money can download the app and tap “Pay/Request”, enter someone’s username, amount and any additional notes (including emojis if desired) before tapping “Send Money/Request.” Their recipient will then receive notification of the transaction on their mobile phone.

Integration between WooCommerce and Venmo through PayPal enables your customers to enjoy this fast, safe payment option while giving you valuable customer insights and building customer loyalty. Setup is quick and painless thanks to Appy Pie Connect powered by AI which makes integration fast, cost-effective, enabling you to choose which events trigger actions in each app, create filters for specific events, etc.

Eliminate Cart Abandonments

Cart abandonment is a prevalent challenge faced by online stores. Studies conducted by Baymard Institute indicate that over 75% of shoppers abandon their carts without completing transactions. Integrating Venmo as an eCommerce payment option helps store owners avoid cart abandonments by making it simpler for customers to purchase products from you.

Your customers won’t need to reenter their payment details as they already have them stored within Venmo – saving both them time and hassle while increasing conversion rates for your store.

This plugin helps reduce cart abandonment by sending email reminders to customers who have abandoned their carts, including links back to checkout pages that enable customers to complete their purchases. In addition, discounts may also be applied toward their future purchases to strengthen customer loyalty and revenue growth.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Venmo is an immensely popular money transfer app used by millions of users to send and receive payments, providing easy use and incredible convenience – factors which have contributed to Venmo’s rapid expansion over the years.

In 2019, a survey conducted revealed that 75% of Gen Z respondents utilized Venmo for bill splitting and paying back friends – making it an ideal payment platform for online shoppers looking for an effortless payment experience.

Venmo integration on your WooCommerce store can help increase conversions by eliminating cart abandonment. Customers will experience an easier checkout experience without needing to reenter their payment information – something which accounts for almost one third of all abandoned shopping carts; with PeachPay integration you can prevent this scenario altogether!

Lower Costs

With Venmo integration for WooCommerce stores, users will be able to share their purchases easily on social media – creating another opportunity for brand promotion while encouraging repeat purchases. This feature may also foster customer retention.

Venmo as a payment gateway offers many advantages for business accounts, one being its free use; however, there may be additional fees when moving funds between accounts – specifically when moving your Venmo balance to bank or debit accounts or cards.

Since transactions made with this payment gateway aren’t subject to chargebacks, using this gateway can help save on transaction costs while increasing sales. Plus, integration is straightforward; just need WordPress and an appropriate plugin. Once configured you can then customize settings such as whether to ship an order immediately. Likewise you can display payment type details or set custom prefix/suffix values, among other options.

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