Essential Addons is an Elementor plugin that makes importing content from outside Elementor simple, providing a wide range of tools that enhance site customization capabilities and expand possibilities.

Filterable galleries allow your images to stay organized, while modal and lightbox elements create pop-ups visitors actually want to visit, an image comparison tool and contact form styler elements make the entire user experience smoother and simpler.

1. Add new pages or sections

Our plugin offers pre-designed Pages and Section Templates that you can easily integrate into Elementor. Pages provide full content layouts while sections contain pre-built widgets like footers, headers, FAQs and more.

MemberPress can also help protect Elementor Sections and Containers. By doing this, you can restrict certain pages or sections only to members and prevent access by visitors – simply create a partial rule containing conditions that must be fulfilled to access its content.

Utilizing the Particle Background feature, you can add exciting interactive particle background effects that respond to mouse hover and click activity, giving your website an edge against competitors while drawing visitors’ attention. Furthermore, wrapper links make sections and columns collapsible.

2. Manage content

Once purchased, the addon plugin will be sent directly to your email address in a zip file. To install it on your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New, search for “Premium Addons for Elementor”, and click Install Now.

Once installed, you can start building your website using Elementor’s extensions. While some are simply additions to its standard widgets, others such as Advanced Data Table can pull data directly from CSV files, databases, or popular table plugins like Ninja Tables – for instance.

Advanced features of Elementor include the Post Duplicator, which allows you to duplicate an existing page or post using Elementor; and its Content Protection extension which lets you restrict content based on either password protection or logged in user role restrictions.

3. Add custom fields

The plugin adds numerous advanced features, such as using ACF repeater fields in Elementor and creating flexible content field layouts for front end forms. Furthermore, this tool lets you duplicate pages and posts – an invaluable time-saving feature for web designers who need multiple versions of identical content.

An amazing feature of Ninja Tables is their Advanced Data Table widget, which can import and display data from CSV files, site databases, Google Sheets or popular table plugins such as Ninja Tables into an easily customizable front-end data table that is sortable, searchable and filterable.

To install, login to your WordPress dashboard and head to Plugins > Add New, search for Essential Addons, and click Install Now.

4. Add a header

Essential Addons for Elementor is one of the most-installed plugins on WordPress with over one million active installations, boasting 39+ free elements that provide content creation services.

The plugin also comes equipped with an extensive template library featuring various header and footer layouts for you to choose from when designing your header or footer without the use of shortcodes.

Essential Addons makes using its elements intuitive and straightforward, seamlessly integrating into Elementor’s interface and feeling like native widgets. Furthermore, you have the option to disable any element you don’t wish to use, preventing page editors from becoming overwhelmed with unneeded elements – an extremely helpful feature that ensures a uniform user experience across sites.

5. Add a footer

Essential Addons provides an effective alternative to Elementor Pro with its vast collection of standard add-on widgets that may prove helpful in building your site, including photo galleries, carousels and WooCommerce grids.

Additionally, it offers unique features, including an advanced Data Table and Post Duplicator. In addition, its style editor supports custom CSS – an invaluable feature!

Notably, this plugin was recently patched for a vulnerability, so if you use it live you should upgrade immediately. Luckily, its developer quickly released an update which addressed this issue as soon as it became known – plus there is even an added bonus of stylish yet user-friendly header and footer templates with this purchase!

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