WooCommerce makes changing the text displayed on sales badges easy with their extensive plugin options for this aspect, including customization in terms of color and design.

YITH Badge Management is an ideal plugin to offer an expansive selection of badges as well as the power to create personalized ones using its powerful builder tool. Furthermore, this multilingual solution ensures customers experience only the best customer experience.

Change the Text

Sales badges in your storefront are an effective way of getting customers’ attention and alerting them that products are on sale. Unfortunately, the default sale badge may look dull compared to adding some flair with personalization options.

Use the Sales Badge Text field of Dynamic Visibility settings to customize the text of a product’s sale badge. When an item goes on sale, this text will be displayed prominently when its image appears in your cart.

Use the Sales Badge Text Color field of Dynamic Visibility settings to change the text color of sale badges displayed on your website, making them better reflect your design and brand identity. Your selection here will apply across all sale badges shown; to remove them permanently simply delete them from Dynamic Visibility settings.

Change the Color

Sales badges are an effective way to inform website visitors that a particular product is discounted, creating scarcity among your customers and leading to higher conversion rates. Unfortunately, the default sale badges in WooCommerce may look rather generic; for those wanting something extra dynamic in their product page experience you can customize these using plugins or code snippets.

As one way of adding visual interest and visual distinction to your sales badge, changing its color can add an eye-catching element. Doing this is fairly easy with some basic programming knowledge; all it requires is changing the hex code for background-color attribute in CSS file that controls sale badge text.

Enhance the look of your sale badges using a dedicated plugin like Improved Badges for WooCommerce. This tool lets you design eye-catching badges that reflect both your brand identity and website aesthetics.

Change the Position

When running a sale on your store it’s essential that it draws visitors’ attention quickly. One way of doing this is through using a sales badge on product listings; however, WooCommerce’s default ‘Sale!’ badge may be difficult for visitors to notice; there are plugins available which either supplement it or can even replace it entirely.

This plugin enables you to set text and image badges for every listing, as well as choose where you would like them displayed – for instance above product titles or in corners. Furthermore, priority ordering of badges assigned can be configured; higher priorities mean more prominent badges.

Change the Image

Establishing a sales badge can be an excellent way to alert visitors of product discounts or special offers. By creating the illusion of scarcity in their minds, this encourages visitors to act before the offer expires.

The default Sale badge displays text reading ‘SALE’ along with its percentage discount from regular price of product. You can easily customize this badge and make it more appealing to visitors by creating customized displays of this information.

Change the badge text and image via the Badge Text field, and alter its position by specifying how close or far it should appear from featured products, top or left edges of images etc.

If the default Sale badge in WooCommerce doesn’t meet your standards, there are various plugins that offer better badge management. Watch this video to gain more insight on how to remove one, make aesthetic modifications and discover other plugins you could try out.

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