Sometimes it becomes necessary to delete all products in WooCommerce, whether for seasonal offerings that no longer apply or to reduce inventory levels.

When your product list numbering in the thousands to delete exceeds Screen Options or SQL queries, using them isn’t viable – in such instances it would be more beneficial to employ an efficient plugin like Smart Manager for product deletion.

Using Screen Options

There may come a time when it becomes necessary to remove all products from your store, for whatever reason – be it rebranding or permanently closing down the shop – and it’s essential to know how to do this quickly and safely.

First, log onto phpMyAdmin and select the database containing all of the products that need deleting. Next, copy and paste this SQL statement into the query window before pressing Go. Ideally, take a backup before running this query against your database.

Time-consuming as it is, using this approach is definitely preferable to using an automated plugin such as Smart Manager which enables bulk editing products with similar descriptions in just a few clicks – saving both time and effort spent manually deleting identical product descriptions across your catalog.

Using Bulk Actions

As the owner of an e-commerce store, you may need to update your inventory regularly with seasonal products or delete old items when no longer relevant. In addition, test products must also be deleted once their purpose has been served or when the final version has been introduced; managing an effective online business demands that these tests products be deleted successfully.

When bulk deleting products in WooCommerce can take too much time using its built-in tools, Smart Manager plugin is one of the best solutions available; it provides various tasks for your WordPress site including bulk editing and deleting of items.

This plugin makes it easy to select products based on criteria, including categories, attributes, tags and date ranges. Plus it features a search tool so you can filter products using date filters – making bulk selecting and deletion simpler than ever!

Using a Plugin

Utilizing this plugin, you can quickly delete all products at once – especially useful if you created any test products before releasing your main offering.

To use this method, log into phpMyAdmin and select the database containing products you would like to delete. Copy and paste the following MySQL query code into its respective field before clicking “Go”; also ensure you create a backup before running this query on your website.

There can be various reasons for which it may be necessary to delete all products in your WooCommerce store, including seasonal offerings, discontinued or outdated stock and non-selling ones. Another reason is if items were added temporarily but no longer relevant; when this occurs quickly and efficiently removal is crucial; among the ways of doing this are the built-in tools of WooCommerce settings as an option and third party plugins as alternatives.

Using SQL

There may come a time when you need to remove all products from your WooCommerce store, whether for seasonal goods that no longer sell, or out-of-stock items. Luckily, there are multiple ways of doing so.

One solution is using SQL. To do so, login to phpMyAdmin and select the database containing your products before pasting this code into the query and pressing “Go”. Remember to always take a backup before running any SQL statements – also, if your database prefix differs from “wp_”, replace it with your own prefix before making your change.

An additional way of bulk deleting products is with a plugin, like Smart Manager. This plugin enables you to selectively delete product variations with duplicate descriptions – useful if your test products share similar descriptions.

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