Sometimes when working on WordPress projects, retrieving category IDs by name may become necessary – particularly when customizing themes or developing plugins.

Use the [product_table] shortcode to display a list of products organized by category on your website, with options to show them by slug, name or ID.

How to find the current category name

Clear navigation is essential to any e-commerce store, and one way to improve this aspect is by organizing products into categories. This will make it easier for customers to quickly locate what they’re searching for while also decluttering and professionalizing your store.

When creating product categories, it is crucial to choose names that are straightforward and descriptive in order to help customers navigate your site with ease and search engines index your content more efficiently. This will benefit both customers and search engines alike.

WooCommerce Product Table offers an effective and simple solution. This plugin enables you to display product categories in customized tables on your website and even includes a search box so customers can easily locate what they’re searching for. Using it will improve navigation and increase conversions; give it a try today!

How to change the current category name

Product category is a taxonomy term that helps web owners structure their content more easily for readers to navigate the web. It organizes similar posts together so it’s easier for readers to discover them.

To change a category name, visit the category edit page and click on “Edit” next to the category you would like to rename. From here, you can make necessary modifications such as changing its name, slug and description.

Product categories are an integral component of an eCommerce store, helping customers quickly locate the items they’re searching for while also increasing SEO rankings. But when product categories don’t display correctly on your site, user experience and SEO rankings could suffer severely. In this article we’ll show how to fix product categories in WooCommerce; there are two methods available – either using plugins or editing the theme functions file – both are straightforward methods which work on any WordPress website.

How to remove the current category name

Searching customers find it useful when including product categories in their titles; however, certain stores prefer not displaying this category link on product pages due to organizational or aesthetic considerations.

There are multiple methods available for you when it comes to unassigning products from WooCommerce categories. One is via Smart Manager’s bulk edit feature which enables you to assign or remove hundreds of categories with just a few clicks.

Use CSS code snippets to hide category names instead. While this option can be more challenging and complex than other solutions, it also offers greater customization. In order to use it successfully you will need some knowledge of basic CSS coding as you will have to edit your theme’s CSS file – be sure to create backup copies first! However, this solution won’t work with product variations or out of stock products.

How to add a new category name

Categories are an invaluable way of helping customers navigate your store more easily. Use them to organize products in a way that makes sense to customers and display them on product category pages with customized tables.

When creating a new category, you will need to supply its name and slug. Optionally, adding a description can also be beneficial. Furthermore, making the category into a parent one will mean it will appear as part of a dropdown menu when visitors access your category page.

After you’ve chosen your display type, the next step will be selecting what visitors will see when they land on your category page. Here you have three choices available to you – products only, categories only or both options can be chosen as desired.

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