There are multiple methods available to you for hiding prices in WooCommerce. The simplest is using a plugin; however, for greater flexibility or advanced coding skills you could also build your own solution.

Websites offering tailored products will benefit greatly from using this option, where customers can view product details but won’t see pricing information until logged in.

1. Use the “Catalog Mode Option” setting

Pricing is one of the key components to keep in mind when running an online store, as prices determine their customer experience. In some instances, however, you may choose to hide prices from visitors to your site; for instance if your store acts as an interactive catalog and encourages users to register for quotes directly through it then doing so may be beneficial.

Additionally, you might wish to hide prices of products not yet ready for sale or that are under maintenance by using the “Catalog Mode Option”. This setting will conceal product pages while leaving Shop and Category pages intact; there are various methods you can use the WordPress Customizer or plugins to easily hide prices here too – read on! This article was initially published November 7, 2018. Since then it has been revised.

2. Use the “Group” setting

WooCommerce provides several plugins that enable you to hide prices from certain users or groups, making this feature useful if you offer subscription-based products, wholesale customers or any other group for whom it would be appropriate to display different prices.

These plugins usually require creating a specific group and assigning SKU or ID numbers to all products within it, before hiding prices from being displayed when browsing your shop or category pages.

Some plugins also provide other settings that allow you to limit who can view product prices, for instance by hiding them for all non-logged-in visitors or only specific user roles or passwords. Furthermore, you can select whether these settings apply across all WooCommerce pages including your shop page.

3. Use the “Role-Based Pricing” extension

There are various methods available for hiding prices in your WooCommerce store, each of which comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. A plugin may be easiest, and there are plenty of free tools out there; if you require greater flexibility or have programming knowledge, however, coding your own solution might also be an option.

With the ELEX Role-Based Pricing extension, you can create customized price rules for different user roles – making this an excellent solution if you sell wholesale products or need to restrict access to certain categories.

To create a rule, navigate to your admin panel and click Roles > Add New. After selecting your role and rule type, choose whether you would like it applied across all products or just specific ones; additionally you may decide whether you wish to hide prices and/or Add to Cart buttons for certain roles.

4. Use the “Price Based on Country” extension

Plug-ins provide the simplest method for hiding prices, but this won’t prevent technical users from uncovering your product prices by altering or inspecting your source code.

Use password-protected categories as another method for concealing prices, particularly if your online store caters only to local markets or you want to build buzz and excitement before the launch of new product lines.

The “Price Based on Country” extension allows you to set up password-protected categories for each of your price bands. Customers can then visit a central login page and enter their zip code or area name to unlock these categories and view products that correspond with their region; plus this plugin offers options to hide price titles for individual products as well as on whole pages like Shop!

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