There may be certain restrictions with Squarespace that make relocating sections difficult, but with some helpful tools these restrictions can be overcome easily.

Save sections to use again on another page in the same manner that card image blocks are saved – it’s so straightforward and will make your site look incredible!

Copy and Paste

“Copy and Paste” are essential tools to maximizing productivity when producing content on computers, and Squarespace makes this task even simpler with its built-in features for moving content blocks around your site.

To copy a section, simply select it and click on the “Copy” button in the toolbar. When on the page where you would like to paste it, go back and click “Paste”, whereupon your content will be inserted at cursor position. To move a section simply hover your cursor over it until the cursor transforms into a hand icon and drag it wherever needed on your page.

Squarespace 7.1 introduces a useful new feature, enabling you to save page sections. This can be especially beneficial if there are recurring section use across your site; simply hover over each section and click its heart icon.

Once you create a new page, simply click the icon again to access all your saved sections and choose one to add. Alternatively, reposition an individual section by selecting it and using either “Move Up” or “Move Down” buttons in the options menu to reposition.


Squarespace’s duplication feature makes it easy to duplicate pages, sections, blocks and entire websites with all their original settings and content intact. You can even duplicate blog posts, product pages, events and portfolio pages using this method – copies will have similar titles but “(copy)” added at the end.

Save yourself time if you are creating multiple pages using the same layout by duplicating existing ones quickly. Navigating to your site dashboard, clicking Pages menu, selecting desired page(s), hovering over and selecting gear icon allowing for duplication, then confirm and the duplicated page will appear under Not Linked section in Pages panel.

This feature can be an excellent asset to any website, but is especially beneficial for eCommerce stores selling unique products. For example, if one product page is receiving high traffic and conversions, duplicating it might provide the chance to test out different marketing strategies without impacting existing efforts.

Move Up/Move Down

Sections are vertically-stacked content blocks that form the framework of every Squarespace page, customizable so you can add and remove as necessary for custom page designs. Every new page comes pre-built with at least one pre-built section (unless it’s blank page). Adding new sections is as easy as clicking Edit button in top-left corner and selecting ‘Add Section Above/Below’ from page preview screen.

Once you’ve added a section to your page, you can move it by dragging and dropping. This feature is helpful when trying to reduce text or add image blocks; also consider using LayoutEngine feature for change your arrangement of sections.

Copy and paste sections between pages; this works for standard as well as index pages. Expanding sections also make this easier, enabling you to build relationships with potential clients by building their trust.

Duplicating sections between pages (standard pages as opposed to index or gallery pages) is also possible and can come in handy when recreating similar layouts on other pages.


Squarespace provides its users with many useful capabilities for editing their websites, one being duplicating pages to save both time and effort from recreating designs and content from scratch. In this blog post I’ll show you exactly how this can be accomplished.

Duplicating pages is a powerful feature for any designer. By quickly duplicating an existing page as a template for future ones, this feature makes the creation process quicker than ever while requiring no coding knowledge – both fluid engine and classic editor are supported!

Squarespace makes duplicating sections quick and simple by offering the “Duplicate” button in its Pages panel and selecting a new location for it. This method can work for both List and Gallery sections; however, saved sections cannot be moved between index pages or folders or duplicating content between Collection Pages isn’t possible.

Squarespace 7.1 introduced the ability for content editors who regularly create Index Pages to showcase their work to save page sections for reuse on other pages, which was an immense frustration for content editors. Now with Squarespace 7.1’s introduction of saving a section you simply hover over and click the heart icon; once saved it can now be reused on any other page.

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