Tutor LMS allows instructors to teach online, monetize their content and manage student payments – as well as supporting multiple instructors simultaneously.

In order to maximize this plugin’s potential, it requires a fast and dependable host provider – which is why Tutor LMS has chosen Cloudways as their partner.

Course Builder

With Tutor LMS, users can effortlessly create online courses. While other plugins like LearnDash provide advanced functionality, Tutor’s user-friendly learning curve allows beginners to confidently sell courses.

Create and add lessons for every course with ease using WordPress-powered Tutor LMS! Users can create global templates for all courses while overriding specific course templates to customize individual courses further.

Once a course is released, instructors can track its performance using customized dashboards. From these pages they can view sales figures, student enrollment details and quiz attempts.

Instructors can set course prerequisites as a roadmap for their students to follow, add course videos to help increase understanding, and set quiz retries per lesson – providing an efficient means of tracking progress while keeping learners motivated and focused.

Quiz Mixer

Tutor LMS features an engaging quizzing feature to allow instructors to create engaging assessments for their learners. Customize the questions and create unique quizzing experiences for them by adding your own answers or customizing ours; additionally you can enable our Answer Explanation feature that displays short explanations for correct responses when users answer successfully.

Tutor LMS Pro makes this feature available, along with many others to enhance your Udemy clone website. For instance, you can enable custom completion certificate styles that match your branding or allow multiple instructors to teach courses simultaneously.

Prerequisites can also be set up, which require students to complete certain courses before enrolling in others. This feature helps prevent learners from enrolling in courses they don’t want or need; plus the plugin supports WooCommerce checkout systems so payments and refunds can be easily processed.

Email Notification Trigger

Tutor LMS offers many features to assist in creating engaging and interactive online courses, such as lessons, quizzes and certification. With this platform you can easily add lessons, quizzes and certification to courses with ease – as well as prerequisites, video summaries and much more. Plus it comes equipped with a powerful certificate builder offering several templates from which to choose!

Utilizing email notification triggers, instructors can send emails directly to students when certain events have taken place – whether to congratulate a student on an accomplishment or remind them about an upcoming deadline.

If you’re searching for the ideal WordPress theme to host your eLearning site, LMSmart Education may be just what you need. This theme was built specifically to make course creation and display easier, and features a course listing widget with grid or carousel style displays, premium homepage demos and power filter for searching courses as well as WooCommerce integration so that multiple payment methods can be utilized for content monetization.

Advanced Analytics

Tutor LMS is an easy-to-use plugin that enables users to create and publish courses directly from the frontend, offering unique flexibility without needing to navigate into the backend.

Tutor provides users with various course customization options, such as creating instructors, adding prerequisites, and setting up a certificate system. Users can also set up quizzes with different question types and answer formats (short answer, ordering, true/false multiple choice fill-in-the-blank matching etc), as well as quiz timers to make quizzing even more efficient.

Furthermore, the platform enables them to add personalized certificates that correspond with their goals or branding while tracking performance using various filters and reports. Students and instructors alike can keep an eye on their progress through a dedicated dashboard which displays completed courses, total earnings, active courses as well as wishlist items, reviews and quiz attempts – perfect for tracking success!

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