CSS rotate function is a transformation function that rotates HTML text or images around an angle specified. It takes either degrees (e.g. rotate(45deg)) or radians such as rotate(-3.14rad).

Add an eye-catching and dynamic effect to your button with this fantastic Elementor widget! Choose between various animation effects for unique headlines.

How to rotate text in Elementor?

Rotating text can add some striking visual effects and communicate a symbolic representation of your brand or business, increasing brand visibility as well as traffic to your site.

Elementor provides the transform property as a CSS function to allow 2D and 3D transformations on an element, including rotation, scaling, and translation. Its syntax is transform: rotate(angle) + x-, y- or z-axis.

The code above will rotate the button icon by 45 degrees clockwise. To add some drama and animation for this effect, add “elementor-button-icon” class name to text div and adjust rotation angle until the perfect fit is found for your site. Furthermore, this animation can also be applied to tablet and mobile views using Responsive option within Style tab.

Rotate text by angle

One method to rotate text in Elementor is using the CSS transform property, which allows for various transformations such as rotation, translation and scaling of elements. You can apply the following code snippet to a Button widget which will cause each icon to rotate 45 degrees.

To rotate text in Page Builder, either use the Rotate tool on the Toolbar or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+R (Windows)/Command+R (Mac). However, these two methods may take time if your content is large in volume.

Master Addons provides this free add-on that allows you to quickly customize multiple elements such as background color, icon color, text color, round icon style, text size margin typography addresses etc. In addition to these capabilities it includes preload and animation options and is available both to paid and free users of Elementor.

Rotate text by percentage

Elementor provides you with an incredible level of editing control over every element on a page, down to every pixel. This gives you complete creative freedom in designing an exceptional site that stands out from its peers and attracts visitors’ eyes. Its robust features enable you to fine-tune each element’s spacing, positioning, padding and margin settings until they meet your exact specifications.

Elementor makes designing easier by offering easy undo/redo functionality, especially if you’re creating complex designs. Furthermore, its History feature lets you track all changes you’ve made and provides a clear view of its development – helping ensure you achieve the ideal design for your website. Furthermore, you can switch back between revisions for an even faster designing experience!

Rotate text by px

Elementor allows you to build the layouts for your website with pinpoint accuracy, offering full control of each element’s spacing, positioning and padding settings as you adjust their position in a design that looks good across different screen sizes. Plus, its highly responsive nature means your designs fit beautifully on all of them!

Pages and individual elements–known as Blocks–are available for creating unique pages that stand out. Furthermore, kits featuring an assortment of Page templates that look cohesive together (such as “Digital Agency” and “Travel”) may also be created using this approach.

Elementor’s Responsive Editing feature also allows you to refine the design of your site on tablets and mobile devices by displaying and concealing elements, altering column order/settings/font sizes for various screens, as well as setting vertical text positions.

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