In this day and age, all businesses have to have a website. It’s essential, and will be highly beneficial to your company. But, you can’t just create a web address and leave it at that. You have to make sure your website is amazing. Here are the top things to consider, if you want a good business website:


This is arguably the most important of all the things on this list. It’s critical that your website is quick. What I mean by this is that the pages load quickly. When someone clicks a link to your site, they should be on it in the blink of an eye. People shouldn’t have to wait ages for your website to load. And, when I say ages, I’m not talking that long at all. Four seconds is considered ‘ages’ when it comes to page loading time. Also, you have to make sure people can navigate around your site, quickly. If they’re clicking menus over and over waiting for it to load, then you need to sort things out.

It’s easy to test out your loading times; you can do so in a couple of ways. Firstly, click on your site and you’ll get a rough look at how long it will take. Alternatively, you can look for speed test websites online. They will analyse your site and tell you exactly how quick it is. Some will even suggest things you can do to improve the speed.


One of the main features of every website is the content. This is pretty much everything you see when you click on a page. It’s all the writing, the images, everything. Your job is to ensure that your website has quality content at all times. You have to make sure that it’s regularly updated with news or blog posts for your customers. Otherwise, your site will start to look a little dead. It will look like you’ve only got one for the sake of it, you don’t care what’s on it.

Of course, creating and updating content can be a time-consuming job. And, when you have other things to do, it’s far from your mind. It may be worth looking for a writers virtual assistant. This is someone that can help write content for your site, from a virtual location. You won’t need to bring them into your office, they can do their job from wherever they like. It can save you a lot of time and also ensure you have good content on your site.


The design of your website is also very important. A good business website needs to have a professional design. No one will trust a business with an amateur website. Why would you give your money to a company that doesn’t know how to design a good website? You wouldn’t. So, if you have poor web design, consumers are less likely to be interested in your business.

The key is making sure your site is designed properly. It makes sense to get ahold of someone with web design expertise. They can create a site for you that is professional and that people will love

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