Whether you have an idea for an online business or have a plan for taking your current business onto the Internet, there are several things you need to do. We’ve put together this little guide to show you how you can get your website up and running, out there, and viewed by as many people as possible. Ready? Then let’s get started.

 Form a plan

 Everything you do from here will work a lot better if you have a good plan in place. It will cost you less in development time, finding an outsourcing partner, and will also cost you less money. All successful businesses have started with a god plan, so make sure your covers everything. Be realistic, but at the same time don’t hesitate to leave in all of your dream ideas, even if you suspect they are unachievable. It’s much easier to lose an idea at a later stage than having to add it in.

 Build your website

Most people turn to a web developer to build a website for them. But if they don’t have the artistic bent you are looking for, maybe think about doing things a little differently by getting a designer on board, too. Design is more important than ever in the online world. Not only will design keep people on your web pages for longer, but it can also help you make more sales. Simplicity works best in almost every case. Make a note of the websites that you have seen recently and present them to your designer. Once they have an idea of what you are looking for, they will be able to build you the website you yearn for.

 Fill it with content

Great content that people can read and share will help you become respected as an authority figure in your industry, as well as bringing your website much more traffic. However, you should avoid making articles about anything and everything. Instead, concentrate on providing valuable information about your industry that people will actually read. Don’t be a copycat – there’s no need. Although there are a million articles about the same subjects on the web, it’s easy to stand out. And, if you can inject some personality and bring something different to the table, you will get some traction.

 Get found

Now you have a proper website; it’s time to get found. Of course, a good digital agency will help you out with the SEO you need to climb the search rankings. But, they should also help you with converting your new found visitors, and give you assistance with starting off a social media marketing campaign. There’s a lot to do, and as a small business it is unlikely to have enough hands on deck to do everything efficiently. So, take as much in as you can when you outsource, and you can build your own team as you grow and your company becomes more successful.

And there you have it – an up-and-running website business that will give you every chance of success. Good luck with your new venture!



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