Are you looking to add a menu drop down to your Wix website? A menu drop down can make it easier for visitors to navigate your site and find the content they are looking for. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to easily add a menu drop down in Wix, as well as customize it to fit the style of your website. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced user of Wix, this guide will provide step-by-step instructions on creating an effective and visually appealing menu drop down. Let’s dive in!

How to add a menu drop down in Wix

Adding a menu drop down to your Wix website is an easy process. First, go to the editor and select the page you want to add the menu drop down to. Click on “Add” in the left-hand panel and then select “Menu”. From there, click on “Add Menu Button” and choose a style for your button from the options provided.

Next, name your button by typing text into the designated field. This will be what shows up on your website as clickable text for visitors. You can also choose where you want this new menu item to appear in relation to other items already present in your site’s navigation.

Once you’ve named and positioned your new button, select it from within Wix’s Menus Editor tool. This will allow you to further customize its appearance or edit any text associated with it.

Preview how everything looks before saving changes! If needed make any necessary adjustments until satisfied with how things look overall – remember that menus are important navigational elements of websites since they guide users through pages quickly without confusion or delay so ensuring ease-of-use should be top priority when designing them!

Adding pages to your menu drop down in Wix

One of the most important aspects of creating a website is making sure that your visitors can easily navigate through it. That’s why adding pages to your menu drop down in Wix is crucial. It allows you to organize and display all the different pages of your site in a clear and concise way.

To add pages to your menu drop down, first, you need to access the “Menus & Pages” tab in the editor. From there, select “Main Menu” and then click on “Add Page”. You will then be prompted to choose from several options including Blank Page, Standard Page, Blog Post and more.

Once you have selected the option that best suits your needs, give your page a name and save it. Now go back to the Main Menu section and hover over the page where you want to add this new one as a dropdown item. Click on “Add Subpage” followed by selecting which page as a subpage.

This will create a nested dropdown menu under an existing main page item within its parent category/page type (if applicable). Repeat these steps for each additional page or subpage that you want to include in your menu drop-down until everything is organized just how yo like it!

Customizing your menu drop down in Wix

Customizing your menu drop down in Wix is an important step to ensure that your overall website design is cohesive and visually appealing. One of the first things you can do to customize your menu drop down is to choose a color scheme that matches the rest of your site. This can be done by selecting “Menu” from the editor’s left-hand side panel, followed by “Background.”

You can also make changes to the font style and size of your menu items. This will help them stand out more clearly against the background and make it easier for users to navigate through your pages. To change these settings, select “Text” from the same panel as before.

Another way to customize your menu drop-down in Wix is by adding icons next to each page name. Icons are helpful because they provide visual cues for users who may not know what a certain page contains or does just by reading its title.

Consider changing up how many levels deep menus go when someone hovers over an item with subpages linked within it – this could affect whether all or only some submenus display at once depending on how much space there is available!


Adding a menu drop down in Wix is an easy and effective way to organize your website’s pages and enhance user experience. Whether you have a small or large website, a menu drop down can help visitors easily navigate through your site and find the information they are looking for.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can add pages to your menu drop down and customize it to fit with your website’s overall design. Remember to keep your menu simple and organized, using clear language that accurately represents each page.

Having a well-designed navigation system on your website not only helps users find what they’re looking for but also improves search engine optimization (SEO). By incorporating keywords into your page names and URLs within the menu structure of Wix, you’ll be able to improve visibility on search engines like Google.

So go ahead; create an amazing navigation system with a dropdown Menu in Wix today!

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