It seems clear that business owners over think marketing their company online. They get lost with all the buzzwords and eventually find that they have no clue how to effectively promote their business online. But really, online marketing can be simplified into three factors: SEO, Web Design and Social Media. That’s all you need to make your business a success online.

The first thing that we suggest you do is get in touch with a marketing agency. The top agencies cover a broad range of marketing needs like SEO and web design. They can help you set up an effective plan for promoting your business on the web. We could leave this advice right there because as long as you get a great agency, then they will deal with any concerns that you have. But it’s possible that the agency you choose won’t handle all three factors of online promotion. So, let’s have a look at each one in turn and dissect how they can benefit your business.

We’ll begin with examining SEO. We imagine you already know something about SEO if you are the owner of a business. If not your company is probably getting very little interest online, but SEO will change that. SEO or search engine optimization is a series of methods to tweaking your website. These will ensure that it does appear when consumers search for a product or service related to your area of business. There are a few different kinds of SEO. For instance, you can set up global or local services. Local services, as the name suggests are for companies who are looking to attract a local group of customers. Essentially, that means that the keywords you would be using on your site would be related to your geographical location. You will probably find that this is one of the key areas a marketing group will handle for you.

 If we move on to web design, it’s important to understand that this is about making your business presentable and professional. You may want to start with adding a logo to your website. If you think about all successful companies, they each have a logo that people can easily recognise. It’s a simple way to quickly brand your company, and it will make your webpage look more attractive. Then, you need to think about what your web page is. Effectively, a webpage can be a massive marketing platform for your business. You can put information on it that will encourage viewers to buy your service or product. But it has to be easy to navigate and understand otherwise, users will quickly click off it. If you find this is occurring, you may want to use a remarketing ad service. This will send ads to viewers after the leave your site, encouraging them to return.

The final part of marketing online is social media. It is important to keep your business active on the currently popular social networks. For instance, a lot of businesses are now starting to advertise their company on snapchat. This is an interactive and friendly way for your business to engage with potential customers.

Our last piece of advice would be to link these three areas together. To generate SEO, you need to be sharing links to your site on social networks. As well as this, your social networks should be accessible from your designed webpage. By doing this you can guarantee you are running an effective marketing campaign.

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