More and more businesses every day are choosing to outsource their web marketing needs to an SEO company, often right at the other side of the world. And of course, the primary motivator for most is the cost cuts associated with involving foreign labour instead of that on home soil.

However, the debate continues to rage as to whether the risk of bringing in outsiders from such a long way away is indeed worth taking. In addition, there are those that argue using any SEO company no matter how far afield doesn’t represent a risk in any way, shape or form – it’s just a case of picking the right one.

In terms of the undeniable downsides to using a foreign SEO provider, the biggest is of course having no physical point of contact if and when the need for a face-to-face encounter should ever arise. The idea of actually being able to walk into an office and speak to something in the event of a problem for example is hugely appealing, especially when compared to that of trying desperately to contact another third-party provider 12,000 miles away.

In addition, some would argue that taking on workers that are not native speakers for such a crucially important job is somewhat fool-hardy in its own right. So regardless of the savings on offer, they aren’t convinced that the risk is worth taking or that the job will be completed in a professional manner and on time.

However, from a strictly logical point of view it really does all come down to the specifics of the provider. Just as there are lacklustre services over in India for example, there are too in the USA and the UK – no country is free from those giving the industry a bad name. As such, it’s a case of exercising common sense and caution to such an extent as to rule out any such elements from the word go. And by doing so, it’s perfectly possible to strike an affordable contract with an overseas provider in complete and total peace of mind and take advantage of their competitive prices and quality SEO packages.

Language Concerns

As far as language concerns go, a thorough look at the firm’s website and any ensuing communication you have in the preliminary stages should be more than enough to determine whether or not there’s any need for worry. If you’re not convinced, just walk away. It could be as simple as that.

Points of Contact

Next, be sure to ask about 24-hour points of contact as there will of course be time-zone differences to factor into the equation. If they 100% guarantee 24/7 points of contact with no delays, there’s nothing to worry about. Such standards of service speak for themselves and will be a nice guarantee that there will be help when help is needed the most.

No Advance Payments

Above all else, if your payment plan works for you and doesn’t demand any lump-sum payments in advance, you technically aren’t taking any risk at all. You only pay for the service you’re offered, so if they don’t live up to their end of the deal, you don’t lose out. A sensible and reasonable strategy for any first-timers looking to outsource their SEO needs.


And finally, be sure to read into what others from your line of work and your side of the world have had to say about the provider you’re looking at. This is where you’re usually able to find the make or break information on how they perform in the real world. Reviews should be easy to find and can give any client the peace of mind needed anywhere in the world.

Author Bio

John Baron wrote this guest post. He is currently working at iSolutions Media Company as a search engine marketing specialist. He’s been in the SEO industry for more than 5 years and he has helped hundreds of businesses improve their online presence.

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