As an online store owner, seeing the “SSL Pending” error on your Shopify site can be nerve-wracking. Not only does it look unprofessional to potential customers, but it also means that their sensitive information might be at risk. However, don’t panic just yet! In this blog post, we’ll explain what SSL Pending means on Shopify and guide you through how to fix it. We’ll also explore the benefits of having an SSL certificate for your store and show you how to get one set up. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

What is SSL Pending on Shopify?

If you’ve recently set up a Shopify store or have made changes to your website, you may notice the “SSL Pending” message on your dashboard. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is an encryption protocol that secures data between two points – in this case, the customer’s browser and your website.

When a customer enters sensitive information such as their name, address, payment details, etc., it needs to be encrypted to prevent hackers from intercepting it. An SSL certificate ensures that this communication is secure by encrypting all data transmitted between parties.

The “SSL Pending” error means that the SSL certificate has not yet been fully installed on your site. It could take several hours or even days for Shopify to complete the installation process depending on various factors such as domain ownership verification.

Until then, customers might see an unsecured warning when trying to access pages with sensitive information. This can lead to them leaving without making a purchase. Therefore it’s important to fix this issue promptly so you don’t lose any potential sales!

How to Fix the SSL Pending Error on Shopify

If you’re seeing the “SSL pending” error on your Shopify store, it means that your SSL certificate is not active yet. This can be a major issue since it’s important to have a secure connection between your website and its visitors. Here are some steps you can take to fix the SSL pending error on Shopify.

Firstly, make sure that you’ve purchased an SSL certificate for your domain from a trusted provider. Once this is done, log in to your Shopify admin panel and go to Settings > Domains & DNS. Select the domain that needs the SSL certificate and click “Connect Existing Domain”.

Next, click on “Edit” next to SSL settings under Security section of selected domain name page. In there choose “Automatic” from drop-down menu which will allow shopify system generate ssl certificates automatically.

After this step has been completed, wait for some time until all changes propagate through different systems (usually around 24-48 hours). You should see a green padlock icon indicating that your site is now secured with an SSL certificate.

It’s also worth checking if any third-party apps or custom code may be causing issues with your site’s security protocols. If so, removing or disabling them could help fix the problem.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve any issues related to an impending SSL status on Shopify quickly and easily!

The Benefits of Having an SSL Certificate on Shopify

Having an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate on your Shopify store can provide several benefits that can improve the security and credibility of your website.

Firstly, having an SSL certificate ensures that all data exchanged between your customers’ browsers and your website is encrypted. This means that any sensitive information such as credit card details, login credentials or personal information will be protected from potential hackers who may try to intercept this information.

Secondly, having an SSL certificate increases trust among customers as it verifies the authenticity of your website. With a valid SSL certificate, customers know they are interacting with a legitimate business and not a phishing site or malicious entity posing as you.

Thirdly, search engines like Google prioritize websites with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) over those without. Having an SSL certificate can help increase your search engine rankings which in turn can drive more traffic to your website.

Getting an SSL Certificate for your Shopify store provides numerous benefits including increased security for both you and customers exchanging sensitive data on the site. It also helps establish trust by verifying the authenticity of the site while potentially improving search engine rankings leading to more visibility online.

How to Get an SSL Certificate for Your Shopify Store

Getting an SSL certificate for your Shopify store is a crucial step in ensuring secure online transactions and building customer trust. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Purchase an SSL Certificate: You can buy an SSL certificate from your domain registrar, hosting provider or third-party providers like Comodo, Symantec, and GlobalSign.

2. Generate a CSR: After purchasing the SSL certificate, generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on your Shopify store to authenticate your website.

3. Install the Certificate: Once you receive the approved SSL certificate, install it on your Shopify account by following instructions from the issuer or Shopify support.

4. Check Your Website Security: Verify that all pages of your website are secured with HTTPS by running a security scan tool such as Qualys SSL Labs.

By obtaining an SSL certificate for your Shopify store, you not only protect sensitive data but also help improve search engine rankings and boost customer confidence and sales.


Having an SSL certificate is crucial for any online business that wants to protect its customers’ sensitive information and maintain their trust. Shopify’s pending SSL status can be fixed by following the steps outlined above, but it’s always best to prevent it from happening in the first place by obtaining an SSL certificate as soon as possible.

By getting an SSL certificate for your Shopify store, you’ll not only improve your website security but also boost your search engine rankings and credibility with potential customers. It’s a small investment that will pay off in a big way down the road.

So don’t let the SSL Pending error on Shopify discourage you from taking action. Follow our guide and take advantage of all the benefits that come with securing your website today!