Top 4 Best Content Manager Project Management Tools In (2019)

These five best project management tools help you achieve your content marketing objectives in 2019, whether you are an individual writer or content agency.

If you are a content creator, you probably already know that managing projects across customers and platforms can be challenging. The best content writers in the world are struggling to keep track of projects, deadlines and information if they are not allowed. Fortunately, many project management tools are readily available for content managers. It is only a matter of finding the best resource for you.

Project management tools help individuals and teams achieve exactly what it sounds like effective project management. Writing is only part of the job for content managers. The rest includes schedules and deadlines, customer feedback and demands, and even long-term expectations.

Without support, nobody can do all this. Here are the methods for project management. Here are four popular 2018 project management software options to help you get started.

1.ProofHub-The Ultimate Project Management Tool

Content creators have reviewed ProofHub, and the consensus is favourable. The software helps writers and managers to schedule, coordinate and execute writing tasks without a hitch. On top of that, ProofHub also allows for collaboration, which makes it much less headache for everyone involved to incorporate feedback from clients.

ProofHub is likely to fit well for content managers for big, decentralized teams. Both these critical elements are included in the both-in-one project management tool:

  • Tools to check all types of documents
  • Project Management for Teams
  • Workflows and assignment boards
  • Shared calendar
  • Discussion and chat features
  • Google Drive, DropBox, Outlook and more integration
  • Tracking of time and reports

ProofHub provides two-tier prices: Critical ($45 / mo.) and Absolute Leverage ($89 / mo.). The higher level allows custom positions (including project manager) and customized task reports, among other features.

“With so much going on at the same time, the flexibility of this method makes us spend less time managing work and more time doing it.”

Review from a ProofHub User

2.Upwork – A One-Stop-Shop

You do not expect a freelance talent pool to be classified as a top content creator project management resource. Yet the fact is that Upwork is a lot more than a job page. Content creators who depend on Upwork to find writers and others to create influencer lists can also rely on the platform to remain running and keep their customers on track. There’s even a desktop feature that lets freelance writers track their time!

In addition to the job board tasks, Upwork contains the following related functionality for content managers:

  • Desktop activity tracker
  • Tracking of the assignment by milestone
  • An integrated billing system
  • The ability to hire multiple freelancers on a single project
  • Integrated connectivity, along with video chat features

With all this in mind, Upwork will work best for marketing managers looking for the right skills for a short-term project. Because of a long onboarding and new communication systems, content managers will keep anything within one framework that is important to the project.

Upwork is free to use for employers-the platform takes 20% of the freelancer rate instead.

“Easy to manage the performance of your freelancer; you should be able to direct them to finish your project as soon as you have found the right freelancer. Using Upwork, you can track the work of your freelancer online.”

Review from an UpWork User

3.Trello – It’s More Than Just for Teams

Trello is typically considered a tool for team collaboration and assignment. Yet when it is appropriately used, web-based software is user-friendly enough to satisfy the needs of many writers. Users may adjust their dashboard to reflect their priorities. For example, a writer may arrange cards by deadline, priorities, ongoing projects, completed projects, and more.

Trello may be the easiest way to track progress and individual action items for content managers-especially those working with multiple writers and dozens of projects. The software helps administrators to create several boards for various tasks and to build individual cars for individual writers. Some of its core features include:

  • Drag and drop functions
  • In-line editing
  • Checklists and activity logs
  • Email notifications
  • Reminders Deadline
  • A sleek mobile app
  • A quick summary of tasks

Trello is free to use at the Basic level. Business Class is $9.99 per month. Per-app, and allows integration with Google Docs, Evernote and Salesforce. The higher level also enables an attachment to a size of 250 MB.

“Trello is a perfect way to track workflows through a variety of projects. It is currently being used by multiple departments and is helping us reduce the use of email. Through developing models for similar projects, it’s also easy to start a project, and it’s nice to attach models when something comes up in a new project you haven’t thought about before.”

Review from a Trello User

4. Asana-A Clean Look For the Minimalist

Asana has a simple, easy-to-use interface. It makes it a perfect opportunity for those trying to keep track of their responsibilities and nothing else. The software also enables interaction and change directly on the site, making it a perfect collaboration tool in addition to its project management features.

Asana works well for content managers looking for tools that can be used for editorial schedules, brainstorming, project management, or even blog pipelines.

The free version contains up to 15 members of the team and unlimited tasks. Upgrade to Premium level ($9.99 per user / mo.) allows unlimited team members, customizable fields, admin controls and more.

“Well designed to handle team tasks and workflows, simple to handle task management. The board system is very helpful, and it’s perfect for managing employee tracking activities. The mobile app is a straightforward, nice UI.”

Review from an Asana User

Find the Project Management Tool that is right for you

Not all of the software is produced equal. Some content managers will be more interested in tracking deadlines, while others will be more interested in keeping project information organized. In the case, be sure to read the reviews of the project management software that you’re interested in and see if they’re the best match for you and your team.

Here’s the thing with tech tools: you need to figure out what works best for you. If you are a self-publishing author or an SEO workhorse, project management software and other field service schedules can help you achieve your goals.


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