Which video editing software did you try? Use these seven amazing video editing software to integrate video into your business marketing strategy.

Whether small or large, nowadays, almost every business relies on effective advertising its product if it is to succeed in the market. In today’s world, advertising generally relates to digital marketing, and video marketing is one of the essential aspects of digital marketing.

When you’re going to be competitive with your rivals, you’ll need to make sure that whatever you’re offering suits your top competitor, or better yet, is better than their product. To do that, you’ll need to make sure you ‘re up to the mark on video ads.

Although this part of the digital marketing strategy can be outsourced, it is often not in the budget of a small company marketer. This is a common misconception that you have to invest money like them to compete with bigger companies. Many video editing software or programs today are available, which not only give you the highest quality of your video but also give you full control of the video content produced as they are effortless to use.

Below are the seven best video editing software for small business marketers.

1. Final Cut Pro:

Final Cut Pro is one of the most excellent editing software. The free alternative iMovie frequently overshadows it. While iMovie is a great app, it doesn’t offer the same features as Final Cut Pro. If you want to make professional videos without too much, Final Cut Pro is your choice. Its magnetic timeline uses advanced metadata to edit quicker and more comfortable than your traditional tracks.

This has the potential to minimize cluttered videos by grouping different clips into a single compound clip while also boasting the ability to import and edit 360-degree equirectangular videos in a wide variety of formats and frame sizes. It has a variety of convincing, customizable effects, such as animated 2D and 3D titles, which allow simple controls to adjust the look of the tiles.

It features integrated video tracks that can easily be used to export to your preferred format. For a small price of $299, this software guarantees that all of the features you need are included inside it.

2. Renderforest Video

Renderforest Video is a free online video production platform that enables individuals and companies to produce high-quality videos to be broadcast for personal or company use. Here you can easily create advertising videos, illustrate animations, intros, outros, slideshows, exclusive event videos, music visualizations, real estate videos, dynamic typography, video resumes, and more. It is free to use, and everyone can log in in a few easy steps.

You will explain your ideas with the highest possible ease with this online tool. You just have to choose your favourite template, music, colours and even upload a voice. Includes paid upgrades or subscription plans in renderforest.

Renderforest’s main features include:

  • HQ Images- Large video production and animation gallery Templates and stories-
  • 000 + Access to free stock footage with an easy-to-use online video editor
  • 1 Click Video Publishing in Youtube Channel or Facebook page
  • Commercially licensed music collection for video creation usage

3. Pinnacle Studio:

Pinnacle Studio is another software many don’t know about. It has a collection of features that are exclusive and not available anywhere else. Although doing all the necessary things, you ‘d expect a video editing software like exporting in several formats or providing an easy-to-use timeline feature, where it stands out is its video effects section that includes more than 1500 video effects to choose from.

It also released a new feature called split-screen video which caught people’s attention. This displays several streams of videos simultaneously, which can be very helpful when making promotional videos, and then gives you the option to select a template or create your own.

Its other features include multiple camera editing, animation for stop motion, dynamic effects and free library of music. It’s only available for $59.99 to download today.

4. Lightworks:

Lightworks is one of the oldest video editing devices out there, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of new features. Lightworks is still up to date with new features that are available on other platforms and has a reputation for not lowering the quality of the videos being edited. It has an elegant user interface that can’t be easier to use with all the resources you need straight from the timeline.

As this resource has been around for several years, you can also find instructional videos around the internet if you need help. It has a range of excellent effects built into and features royalty-free media that includes audio and video, and can export to almost any format. The great thing about this plan is that it’s cost-free.

5. Filmora Video Editor:

Filmora Video Editor is a software that is already commonly used in the area of video marketing. It has features that are not available anywhere else. Such features include the option to use a split-screen that can display two videos captured or digitally make at the same time.

This also has a green screen recording feature that lets you voice over and show the product you ‘re advertising and supports almost any format out there. Thanks to its highly integrated social media apps, you can directly share your videos on major social networks or put them directly on your digital archive. This even has various filters and tiles, and the best thing about it is that it ‘s cost-free.

6. Shakr:

One of the simplest and easiest to use video editing tool is Shakr. This is primarily designed to create promotional videos for people looking to. It features over a thousand video designs created by top motion graphic artists providing the professional touch it needs to your videos.

You can just choose your desired video template from the Shakr library, drag and drop your photos or video clips into the video and change the fields of text, and then use that video to grow your business. This is one of the cheapest applications.

You can use it for a month on a trial-based basis, during which just $9.99 a month is a steal because you can master the easy to use features within minutes.

7. Quik

Quik is a smartphone device that is always free of charge. Since it’s a portable device, you’ve got the ease of making video content on the go. It offers the ability to clip images together to create a video that can come in handy if you’re trying to keep your video short.

It has various video templates and filters, and even ordinary images have a dramatic look to them and can also change the colour scheme of the edited videos.


This seven excellent video editing tools make integrating video into your marketing strategy simple. Which video editing software did you try? Have you checked any of the tools listed above?

I ‘d love to hear your feedback and experiences!

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