Mailchimp is widely known as an email marketing tool, but it also serves as a comprehensive marketing platform offering landing pages, automation features and social media management features. With an active community and impressive feature set this email marketing solution is one that should not be underestimated!

Send order and shipping confirmation emails, offer product recommendations and create abandoned cart campaigns with its customer journey builder. It also allows for customer journey mapping so people are guided towards conversion.

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free and open source eCommerce platform designed to make opening an online store simple. Available as a plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce helps your business by allowing it to sell products, services and digital goods online.

It offers high levels of customization, enabling you to add unlimited products. Furthermore, its comprehensive feature set facilitates managing inventory and sales data as well as payment methods and reporting capabilities.

Mailchimp for WooCommerce integration allows for an effortless connection between your online store and mailing list. When connected, the plugin automatically syncs customers and order data with Mailchimp accounts when connected, while also offering product-based segmentation options to target marketing emails more precisely.

Integration with MailChimp

Email marketing has long been an effective strategy for building brand recognition and driving sales. Mailchimp, one of the premier email marketing services, provides a robust platform that makes creating targeted campaigns easy while measuring performance more straightforward.

Mailchimp provides several features that enable businesses to engage with customers more effectively. For instance, it can send receipts and shipping notifications when customers make a purchase; track product sales history; and make recommendations based on past shopping behavior.

Product Retargeting, an additional feature offered by your website, reminds customers 24 hours later of products they purchased on it and can increase the likelihood that they return and make another purchase or write reviews of those they’ve acquired.


Automated workflows free you up to focus on what matters: expanding your business. With easy-to-set-up automations, you can deliver tailored messages that nurture audiences and persuade them to convert.

As an example, if a new contact becomes your first customer, thank them for shopping and encourage them to return with a discount coupon. Or if someone hasn’t made purchases recently, send a series of emails offering products which may be new or recommended.

Mailchimp provides additional marketing tools beyond email broadcasting, such as landing pages and social media scheduling, but lacks full sales and marketing automation capabilities necessary for service-based businesses or B2B companies that need to manage quotes, invoices and contracts.

Integration with Google Analytics

Mailchimp provides both a free plan with some limited features as well as paid plans for businesses that exceed their free limit. With an emphasis on providing useful customer experiences, Mailchimp stands out from competitors as an ideal platform for novice email marketers.

Software has grown beyond email broadcasting to include managing web pages, social media posts, ecommerce stores and surveys among other tasks; however, its automation capabilities still fall short when compared with all-in-one SMA tools such as Keap.

Mailchimp provides in-app messaging that outlines each feature as you use it, making the experience of using Mailchimp easier for beginners. Form and popup registration forms can also be quickly set up using drag-and-drop setup, while its WooCommerce plugin makes syncing customer and order data with your audience simple allowing you to track sales, provide personalized product recommendations, send abandoned cart emails and more.


Mailchimp is one of the world’s premier email marketing platforms, providing businesses with powerful tools for contact management, reporting and revenue growth. Their advanced contact management features and detailed analytics allow businesses to refine their marketing strategy for higher email open rates, click-through rates and ultimately increased revenues.

Users can easily share campaign results with their teams by accessing a link to downloadable reports. Comparative reports aggregate all the data from your Regular and RSS campaigns into one, shareable report so that subscribers’ engagement patterns can be identified easily.

Mailchimp provides integrations across a variety of applications. Their form and landing page builder, automation features and Customer Journey Builder can enable more targeted email marketing efforts. Likewise, its ecommerce website feature allows customers to integrate an online booking system for service-based businesses like restaurants or hair salons.

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