Are you a real estate agent or broker looking to create a stunning website that will attract potential clients? Look no further than! With its user-friendly templates, affordable pricing, and robust features, Wix is the perfect platform for creating an eye-catching and professional real estate website. In this blog post, we’ll showcase 10 incredible real estate websites made with Wix that are sure to inspire your next site. So sit back, grab some inspiration, and get ready to take your online presence to the next level! is a leading website builder that has become increasingly popular among real estate agents and brokers. One of the biggest advantages of Wix is its user-friendly interface, which allows you to create stunning websites without any coding knowledge.

Wix offers a variety of templates specifically designed for the real estate industry, making it easy to showcase your listings in an attractive and professional way. These templates are fully customizable, giving you complete control over the design and layout of your site.

In terms of pricing, Wix offers different plans to suit varying needs and budgets. The basic plan is free but comes with limited features such as ads on your website. However, upgrading to premium plans unlocks more advanced features like custom domain names, additional storage space, and access to their eCommerce platform.

One major advantage of using Wix is its extensive list of features including SEO tools for optimizing your website’s search engine rankings; social media integrations for promoting your properties on platforms like Facebook and Instagram; lead capture forms for collecting visitor information; blog functionality for sharing news or insights about the local real estate market; appointment scheduling tools so clients can easily book showings or consultations with you.

Using provides numerous benefits when creating a real estate website thanks to its ease-of-use, customizable templates tailored towards realtors’ needs along with their affordable pricing options & feature-rich platform that makes building an online presence simple yet effective!


One of the best things about using Wix for your real estate website is its vast range of templates. With over 500 designer-made templates to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your style and needs.

Wix’s templates are fully customizable, so even if a template doesn’t have all the features you want, you can easily add them in yourself. This makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful and functional real estate website without any coding knowledge or design experience.

The templates are also mobile-responsive, meaning they’ll look great on any device – whether it’s a desktop computer or a smartphone. This ensures that potential clients will be able to view your listings no matter where they are.

Additionally, Wix regularly adds new templates to its library, so there’s always something fresh and exciting available. Whether you’re looking for something modern and sleek or classic and traditional, Wix has got you covered with their impressive selection of real estate website templates.


When it comes to building a real estate website, pricing is a crucial factor. With Wix, you can choose from various pricing plans that fit your budget and needs.

The most affordable plan is the “Connect Domain” option which costs $4.50 per month but includes limited features such as displaying ads on your site. The “Combo” plan for $8.50 per month provides more options including free domain registration, while the “Unlimited” plan for $12.50 per month offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

For businesses requiring advanced functionalities, the “VIP” package at $24.50 per month gives priority support in addition to all of Wix’s features.

Moreover, with each pricing tier you select, there are additional apps available for purchase or added functionality within each app that expands what you can do with your website without paying extra fees.

Whether you’re just starting or growing your business online presence and services offered through their site(s), Wix has flexible payment plans suitable to meet any budget requirement without breaking the bank!


Wix offers a wide range of features that make building a real estate website easy and efficient. One of the most noteworthy features is the drag-and-drop editor, which allows users to customize their site’s layout without any coding knowledge.

Another great feature is the ability to add listings with detailed information including property photos, descriptions, and location maps. This makes it easy for potential buyers to get all the information they need in one place.

Wix also offers customizable contact forms so that visitors can easily inquire about properties or schedule appointments. The platform includes integration with various social media platforms as well, allowing you to share your listings on Facebook or Instagram.

In addition, Wix provides SEO tools such as meta tags and custom URLs to help improve your website’s search engine rankings. And if you’re looking for even more functionality, Wix has an extensive app market where you can find additional tools like chatbots and lead generation forms.

Wix’s features provide all the necessary tools for creating a beautiful and functional real estate website on your own terms.

Examples of Great Real Estate Websites Made with Wix

Wix is a versatile website builder that has helped many real estate agents build stunning websites to showcase their properties. Let’s take a look at some great examples of real estate websites made with Wix.

First up, we have the website for The Agency Arizona. This site features high-quality images and videos of luxury properties, as well as an intuitive search function that allows users to filter their results by location, price range, property type and more.

Another fantastic example is the website for The Jills Zeder Group in Miami Beach. The site features sleek design elements and striking visuals that highlight the group’s exclusive listings.

The Nest Seekers International website is another standout example of what can be achieved with Wix. It boasts an elegant color scheme and clean layout that helps visitors easily find the information they need.

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to creating your own real estate website using Wix, these examples are sure to provide plenty of ideas to get you started!

How to Make a Beautiful Real Estate Website with Wix

Creating a beautiful real estate website with Wix is easy and accessible to everyone, even if you have no experience in web design. First, choose the right template that suits your business needs and preferences. The templates are customizable so you can add your own logo, images, text and colors.

When designing your website, make sure to focus on user experience by creating an intuitive navigation menu that leads visitors to important pages such as property listings or contact information. A clean layout with high-quality photos of properties will entice users to explore further.

Wix offers a range of features specifically tailored for real estate websites including IDX integration which allows automatic syncing of MLS data into your site’s search results page. You can also add interactive maps showing the location of each property listing which helps potential buyers visualize their future home’s neighborhood.

Make sure your website is mobile-responsive since most people use their smartphones when browsing online these days. Don’t forget to optimize your site for SEO purposes by using relevant keywords in titles, descriptions and content.

Follow these simple tips and create a stunning real estate website with Wix that showcases all the best aspects of your business!


Wix is a great option for creating stunning real estate websites without any coding experience. Its templates and features make it easy to customize and create a website that reflects your brand and showcases your properties in the best possible way.

We hope these 10 stunning examples of real estate websites created with Wix have inspired you to take action on building or improving your own website. Remember to keep in mind the key elements of a successful real estate website such as high-quality visuals, clear navigation, property search functionality and effective lead generation tools.

By utilizing Wix’s user-friendly platform, affordable pricing options and vast array of features specifically designed for realtors, you can create an impressive online presence that sets you apart from the competition. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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