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10 Surefire Video Marketing Tips to Increase Traffic


You already know that the new rising star of content is video marketing. Most of the viral contents on the internet comes in the form of video. It has proven to be an effective method in retaining audience’s attention and engagement.

And as a digital marketer, it is our main responsibility to cope up with these latest trends to gain competitive advantage. How do we utilize video marketing to drive traffic and generate lead to your brand?

Follow and apply these 10 surefire video marketing tips to boost traffic on your website and increase your lead generation.

1. Upload your video on Powerful Video Search Engine

Giant video Search engines such as YouTube and Vimeo have billions of users who are accessing the website every day and spend about 6 billion hours watching a video every 30 days.

Uploading your video on these search engines will increase your publicity and visibility in the general market. You can start creating your video channel now.

2. Create Engaging Content based on Popular Video Ideas

The next and crucial step is to start creating your own video. In order to be successful in creating an engaging video that would guarantee its virality,  you need to know what topic interests your targeted niche or audience.

Instead of selling or promoting your product to them, give them what they want or need. If your audience found what they’re looking for in your video, they are most likely to engage with your video and your brand.

Aside from that, your video must be recorded and edited professionally. Your video must have a smooth timeline and visually appealing graphics to attract your audience in viewing your video

If you need help in getting your videos done in a timely manner, our Valoso editors can help you in crafting your videos professionally. All you need to do is to upload your project and files and hire a qualified video editor to do the editing for you.

Once you’ve identified the trending topics in your targeted niche, you can start creating your video by incorporating it with trending and viral video ideas nowadays. This includes:

  1. Funny Videos or Parodies
  2. Pet Videos
  3. Tutorial Videos
  4. Product Reviews
  5. Time Lapses Videos

3.  Embed Company Brand as Watermark

While crafting your video, be sure to take advantage of embedding your company brand like URL or logo (the latter is more effective) as a watermark for your video. This increases your visibility and exposure to your audience.

They will know exactly where to go when they need to hire your brand or services. Furthermore, you are also claiming your rights and ownership on the video.

4.  Add Transcript on your Videos

One of the most popular video marketing tips you’ve been optimizing in your video is the usage of title and meta tags to increase SEO rankings. But did you know that you can actually upload a transcript in YouTube?

This text-based document will provide an SEO juice for your video. So the next time you create a video, prepare a transcript with you and be sure to optimize it to improve your SEO.

5. Translate your Main Tags into Foreign Languages

We all know that the most effective method  in increasing our video reach is to set the Language and meta tags into English. English after all, is the universal language and we can reach the world with it.

However, translating your video tags into foreign languages can also increase your international viewership. When videos tag with specific language are searched (e.g. Google French), they tend to rank higher than the ones tag in English.

6. Go Beyond YouTube

Now that you’ve utilized YouTube for maximum audience visibility, it is time to share it to reach out to your subscribers on your other networks. You can always embed your own video on your own website.

In this way, you’ll lower your bounce rate by keeping your audience engaged in your website. Aside from that, you can share your video to your social media accounts. Make use of Facebook’s Autoplay feature.

Videos on Facebook receive more viewer counts and reach. You can also upload it on your Pinterest, Twitter, Dailymotion accounts.

7.  Delete Poorly Optimized Videos from your Video Channel

This method may seem counter-intuitive (especially since it will decrease your video views), but this will certainly benefit you in the long run.
Replacing these poorly optimized videos with optimized ones will help your video channel perform better.

8. Setup a YouTube Ad Campaign

Make use of Youtube’s affordable advertising campaigns (it only ranges between $0.02 up to $0.04). In just a $100 budget, you can drive up to 2,500 views for your 30-second promotion video.

You can also include messages with clickable links. You can easily set up a YouTube campaign by accessing your AdWords account.

9.  Build a Powerful network with Influential YouTubers.

YouTubers who are branded as “trustworthy” by the mass audience are often more effective than hiring a celebrity to promote your video. These YouTubers have gained their subscriber’s trust and credibility by developing transparency and authenticity with their audience.

Build a genuine network connection with them to get one of their recommendations. One way of gaining trust and credibility in the YouTube market is to be included in a YouTube influencer’s “recommendation list”

10. Create a Powerful Call to Action

The last but definitely not the least in our video marketing tips, is to never miss the opportunity to compel your audience into participating some type of action at the end of your video. You can ask  them to leave their comments or reactions about the video, or simply by signing up or visiting your blog.

If your video and CTA is powerful enough, they will crave for more and will be compelled to visit your website.

We hope these video marketing tips will help you in optimizing and improving your video channel to generate more traffic and leads. We can’t wait to see your viral videos soon!


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