A holiday season is the perfect time to ramp up your mobile marketing campaigns. It’s a festive time full of food, fun and making memories, not to mention all that holiday shopping. But coming up with new and innovative ways to grab a holiday shoppers’ attention is a whole other ballgame. Therefore, you and your team are going to have to get creative and start thinking outside-of-the-box, if you want your campaigns to stand out from the crowd. You have to make your campaigns fun and exciting and something that makes your audience want to engage and participate with whatever it is you’re doing. Here are seven ways you can use to ignite your mobile marketing campaigns this holiday season.
1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to start as it is all about the visual appeal of everything. In fact, 92 million holiday gift pins have been created. Take advantage of their shopping mindset. You can build a Pinterest board that highlights your business and what you have to offer in a visually appealing manner. Post pictures of the different ways your customers can use your products. Sometimes giving people ideas and showing them different ways they can use your products and services will help boost sales. Just text a link to your Pinterest board to your customers with a catchy caption that will entice them to go and take a look at what you have to offer.

2. Holiday Treasure Hunt

Everyone likes to find great deals and bargains, so why not make it holiday related and have all your customer join in the fun. You can setup a treasure hunt campaign and text your customer clues about where to find the best deals in your store or on your website. Then tell them there is a grand prize for the one who can put together all the clues you’ve provided and the first person who figures it out will win that prize. This will get them into your store or browsing your website to find the answers to the clues you’ve texted them. You can use just about any type of holiday treasure hunt scenario that best fits with your customer demographics. Just make sure the prizes you are giving away are worth their time and effort; otherwise, you risk them feeling like you wasted their valuable time.

3. Event Marketing – Have A Party Or Get Together

Sponsor a holiday party, advertise and build anticipation by texting your customers the highlights of what you are doing. You will need to personalize and market your event by offering premium giveaways, prizes and rewards. Things your customers will have to be present for to win. Find unique ways to make it intriguing enough that your customers will want to attend. You need to make this an event to remember. Something your customers will be talking about all year long and will look forward to coming back to next year. This is the type of marketing that can quickly go viral and that means great exposure for you while creating peace and goodwill with your customers.

4. Virtual Gift Exchange Via Your Facebook Fan Page

If you have an active Facebook fan page, you can put together a virtual gift exchange for all those who regularly interact with you there. They won’t actually have to purchase real gifts, you simply post pictures of a variety of gifts on a post and number them. Then you will ask each participant to pick a name of another one of the people active in your Facebook group and to pick a gift they would like them to have, if they were actually there to give it to them. It’s the thought that counts and when you are promoting something digitally, this is the easiest way to go about it. Additionally, the gift selections you choose could be products or services from your store. This will get more eyeballs on what you have to offer and get more people thinking about who else that gift might be perfect for. It’s all about the psychology of the process – subtle marketing.

5. Remember When

Who doesn’t love a good memory, favorite toy or item they loved from days gone by. You can effectively use this sentiment, especially around the holidays. Using MMS is a great way to spread some good cheer. Find some vintage pictures or videos (ones that would be relevant to your particular demographic) and share them with a caption that says “Remember When?” Then ask your audience to send you pictures of their favorite memories and you can post them on your Facebook fan page, your Pinterest Board, Tweet them or any other medium that works best for you. This method is strictly for increasing your audience engagement and building rapport. It’s a feel good method that will help build your brand and your brand’s reputation in the industry.

6. Daily Discounts Using Flash Deals And Push Notifications

This method is pretty straight forward and the holiday’s are a great time for offering discounts, coupons or other gift offers. Sending daily flash deals and push notifications, etc., especially if you are utilizing geofencing and can grab your customers’ attention anytime they are near your location and in buying mode . Mobile marketing was made for this and will boost your sales almost immediately.

7. Free Gift Giving Idea Service

The hardest thing many people face around the holidays is finding the perfect gifts for the people who are near and dear to them. Why not setup a free gift giving idea service. Have your customers answer a few questions about the person they need to buy a gift for and you provide them with a variety of gift giving ideas using the products or services you have to offer. This will create goodwill and provide your customers with a truly valuable service that saves them time and money. And that’s something that will build rapport and help you retain them as a loyal customer. Just make sure you make it easy for them to respond by communicating with them via text as that’s the preferred method of communication by most people.

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