If you are serious about unlocking all the power and potential that Google PPC provides online entrepreneurs, then you’re going to need to understand the secrets to creating highly converting Google advertisements.

Most people simply try to pigeonhole has much information as they can on those tiny little blocks of text – resulting in disastrous conversion rates that scare people away from the platform altogether. This is good news and bad news at the exact same time. It’s bad news if you have fallen victim to the “it doesn’t work” rumor circulating, but it’s a great news if you understand that the majority of your competition will never unlock all of the leverage provided – letting you basically dominate your marketplace with next to no effort whatsoever.

Here are three secrets and tips you’ll want to use to create highly converting Google advertisements.

Don’t be afraid of shock value

No one is going to pay any attention whatsoever to a boring advertisement. It’s never happened in human history, and you are unlikely to crack the code, so to speak, when it comes to selling boring ideas. You need to shock and awe of them as quickly as you can, and get them to click on your link – pushing them deeper and deeper into your sales funnel. Do almost anything you can to get their attention.

Just don’t go too overboard—if you do you may get your company in some hot water. Don’t make statements about things that just aren’t true. For example, don’t say something way out there when there’s nothing available online that can back up your statements. You could lose customers by going overboard.

Your ad has one reason for existence and one reason only – to get them to click the button to go to your sales page

This is maybe the most important tip or trick that you’ll ever learn, and one that too terribly many people ignore all the time. The reality of the situation is rather simple and straightforward. Your Google advertisement is only designed to gain attention and get someone to click it – pushing them to your sales page. You’re not trying to sell the product, you’re not trying to convince them of your expert status, and you’re not trying to lead them into some long or drawn out conversation – you’re just looking to get their click. Think of it this way: you’re not trying to sell your company, just catch their attention with your service and product.

Test, test, test

The final thing that too many people out there trying to master Google AdWords or PPC in general mess up is that they never end up testing different variations of their advertising. Some approaches will work better than others, and there is absolutely no reason to see if a new approach would create a flood of clicks at the exact same price – shooting your return on investment through the roof. Always test different approaches, different copy, and different headline to see which kinds of advertisements provide you with the best results.

This advice comes from Web Entrepreneur Issa Asad who has more than 10 years experience in using the internet to promote his businesses.

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