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Does Google really reign supreme in the world of search? Is Bing worth your time?


It’s undeniable that- reputation-wise- Google has achieved search engine supremacy, with around 80 percent of search engine queries being put into Google and most SEOs focusing almost exclusively on optimizing their sites for Google searches.
Whether it’s true or not that Google’s SERPs are better than those of any other search engine, we all are under the impression that Google’s results are superior to those of any other search engine. That is why we tend to pull up Google’s page every time we have a question we need to solve via the World Wide Web.


In fact, SERPs between search engines don’t tend to differ that much. Secondary search engines such as Yahoo and Bing will certainly bring up appropriate results. Superiority in Google’s results is not even always apparent in some cases. Certain queries that are specially designed to trip up search engine algorithms show where one search engine is lacking and another is superior.
Surprisingly, Bing occasionally is more accurate than Google in some queries. Even if Google is now widely accepted as the best option in search, it’s important to realize that Bing is a prominent search engine and is responsible for carrying out some 17.9 percent of queries that take place on the World Wide Web.
Diversifying your search engine objectives by aiming to rank well across the board is probably a good idea. It takes time for a site to rise in the SERPs, and putting all your eggs in one basket with Google might come back to haunt you.
Google has been putting increasing focus on smartphone production and technologies and decreasing its emphasis on search. Competing search engines frequently make gains against Google, and it’s probably in your best interest to prepare for a future of a diverse group of leaders in the world of search.
Perhaps no industry changes as rapidly as SEO. Many Internet authorities try to make predictions on what the next few years will bring in terms of the search engine, but it’s very hard to predict what will happen in the coming years. Perhaps five years from now, none of the prominent search engines will be in widespread use and another company will come to the forefront of search.
In the meantime, it’s worth your while to at least put a minimal amount of effort in becoming recognized by some of the lesser search engines, especially since most of your SEO tasks will work to increase your rank in every search engine at the same time.
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