If you want your blog to stand out from the crowd, you need to ensure that people do more than just read it. Sure, excellent content is the right place to start, but you also want people to engage with the blog. If your readers start to rely on the site for more than just information, you will see that they are loyal. You might have a million ideas about what you want your blog to be, but you need to narrow things down a little. Here are some amazing ways to make your blog interactive.

Host competitions for your users

You may have noticed that some of the large blogs tend to host competitions for their users. You don’t have to be a massive publication to make this idea work for you. If you contact PR companies, they will be more than happy to give you some freebies in exchange for some online promotion. You can use the free things as prizes for your competitions. Ask your users a question online or have them complete a task for a chance to win.

Create a supplementary app

If you expand your blog in any way, you might want to make it a cross-platform entity. People tend to avoid making apps because they don’t have the right skill set. There are companies, such as appdevelopers who can create the app for you. All you need to do is decide what you want the app to be. If you run a fashion blog, for example, you could create an app about how to dress well. The point is that you get people to engage with your brand on a deep level. When people have your app, they see your brand each day, and so they will never forget you.

Hold polls and votes online

Sometimes, bloggers think that their opinion is the only one that matters. If you are ignorant towards your readers, they will start to dislike you and your brand. You should find out what people think about particular subjects by holding polls and votes on your website. For example, if you write a post about the best places to get vegan dishes, you could ask your users to vote on the topic. People are passionate about food, and so they will love the chance to voice their opinion online.

Accept guest posts from readers

If you want a steady stream of fresh content, you ought to let some guest writers contribute a few posts to your website. When people have the chance to write something for you, they will feel that they have a close bond with the website itself. You should reach out to your readers on social media and see whether any of them want to write something for you. In exchange, you need to give them full credit and also some online promotion. The guest poster will share their post online, and so you will expand your readership in no time at all.

Image: Dimitar Nikolov

Work with local businesses

You are not an island. If you want your blog to be profitable, you need to reach out to businesses around you for help. If you interact with other companies, you can forge a mutual relationship of trust. That means that you can work to promote each other over time. Small businesses need to stick together if they want to survive. If you get discounts from businesses in the area, you can offer this to your readers. That means that your users get more than just content from you on a daily basis.

By making your blog interactive, you are ensuring that every user has a unique experience. If you use these ways, you will find that you reach out to loads of people and expand your readership. Try to think of some ideas for yourself so that your blog is more popular than ever.


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