Over three million WordPress websites utilize Elementor as an easy page builder plugin with real-time preview and the freedom to edit content freely.

It features templates for pages like about pages, contact pages, landing pages, portfolios and “meet the team” layouts as well as customizable widgets like carousels and progress bars for creating various types of pages.

What is WPML?

WPML is a multilingual plugin for WordPress that lets you build a fully-featured website with multiple languages. You can translate all aspects of your site, from posts and pages to widgets such as language switchers and searchable versions of pages.

Utilizing WPML plugins will enable you to reach a wider audience and grow your business more profitably. However, it’s essential that they work well with other WordPress plugins; to achieve this aim, use its “String Translation” feature for this task.

WPML stands out as an exceptional solution with its world-class support team available 6 days a week and extensive documentation and videos you can refer to for additional help. Upgrade to their Premium version for additional features if necessary; this does require subscription, however; only three websites per account may install the Premium version at one time.

How to use WPML with Elementor?

Elementor is a user-friendly page builder designed for designers and marketers to quickly create websites without the need for code knowledge. There is both a free version as well as premium one with additional features available; both come equipped with templates for about pages, contact pages, homepages (such as hotel or restaurant websites), landing pages (with specific niche options such as hotel or restaurant booking forms), portfolio pages and team pages to make creating sites with Elementor easy!

Users are free to customize these templates and modify them until they achieve the results they seek, with this plugin also offering them the capability of adding widgets and styling them as desired.

WPML plugin helps website owners build multilingual sites quickly. Its translation management tools make the task of translating into multiple languages simple, as it includes several translation options – including a front-end translation interface that can improve SEO – as well as storage in their site’s database so updates can easily occur when necessary. Furthermore, new accounts include enough automatic translation credits to translate most websites.

Translation Management

Running a website means making sure it contains appropriate content in all languages; that is where translation management comes in.

WPML makes multilingual website management much simpler by automatically translating pages and posts when changes are made to the original language. Their translation plugin includes a feature called “Translate Everything,” which creates versions of each post for every language present on your website and makes multilingual management much less complicated.

At WPML’s settings page, you have the power to selectively translate only some of your content. Choose whether to automatically translate all posts and pages (“Translate Everything”) or only review translations before publishing (“Translate Some”). If you’re the sole translator on your website, take translations yourself (or assign them).

Language Switcher

Multilingual websites need a distinct SEO strategy, particularly with regards to content. Hreflang tags must be used to signal search engines the language and country targeting of each page on your website, while machine translation tools could damage SEO efforts and ensure you have high-quality material available in each of your target languages.

WPML is the go-to translation management tool, offering extensive translation management features for WordPress pages and posts, custom post types, taxonomies, WooCommerce products and plugins. In addition, its language switcher widget can display flags representing native language names of visitors making your website more responsive towards target audiences. Furthermore, its 30-day money back guarantee lets you try this plugin without risking your money!

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