Header and footer areas on websites provide an opportunity for companies to showcase their logo, site navigation, search, shopping cart (for eCommerce websites) or other elements that enhance user experience.

Elementor allows you to quickly build header and footer templates, then display them wherever you choose depending on any conditions set.

Custom Layouts

Website headers are the first impression a visitor receives when visiting any page, so creating one with aesthetic appeal and eye-catching elements will draw users in and entice them to continue exploring your site. A well-designed header template design will capture their attention and encourage further reading or exploration of its contents.

Elementor gives you the power to add customized header and footer blocks, display them only on certain pages, and even make them sticky so you can tailor your website’s structure to meet your goals and vision for it.

To create a header or footer, click on the Edit with Elementor button and configure its appearance on page, exclusion rules and user roles. From here, select one of Templately’s header or footer templates before clicking “Insert.” Your chosen header footer block will immediately be added to any selected page and edited further for content, design or other changes as necessary.

Custom Code

Elementor Pro’s Theme Builder allows you to add customized headers and footers that stick at either end of your website as visitors scroll, with options to customize how it animates as well as which devices it applies to.

If you prefer using WPCode plugin to build your header and footer from scratch, it offers a simpler alternative that enables users to design layouts and set them as header or footers for your website. Furthermore, its handy library offers various code snippets you can use for different purposes.

Once your new header and footer have been created, use Elementor’s main Publish button to publish them and apply them. A popup will ask where the header or footer should appear on your website; options include all pages, specific pages or archives – plus conditions which specify when its presence will be shown.

Responsive Layouts

If you’re searching for an easy and straightforward way to add headers or footers to your WordPress website, Elementor might be just what you need. This plugin enables users to display targeted headers and footers on specific pages, posts or blocks – an amazing feature which can greatly accelerate website development processes.

This responsive Elementor footer template includes various sections for your business information such as your company name, description of services offered and social media accounts. There’s even space to display contact numbers, emails addresses and addresses so visitors can easily connect with you – perfect for increasing conversion rates! Plus it’s completely free and easily customizable; simply make sure your theme and plugin compatibility before using it!

Header Footer Blocks

Elementor header footer blocks are an effective way to enhance the visuals and organization of any website, by grouping related content together to give a uniform look across pages. They’re also great for including essential information like terms & privacy policies, maps and contact details – providing all important context!

To add header or footer blocks in Elementor, just click on the blue Templately icon and a popup window will open showing all available header and footer blocks available from Templately. Simply select which block you would like and it will be added directly onto your page.

This plugin should work with most WordPress themes; however, to be safe it’s a good idea to check if your theme provides built-in support for it by visiting Appearance > Header Footer Builder > Theme Support and checking which method best matches up with your current theme. There are different approaches for adding theme support; simply pick one that works best.

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