LearnPress works as a plugin, so it simply installs into WordPress and activates like any other WordPress plugin would. Plus, there’s even an intuitive setup wizard to help guide you through the process!

WooCommerce integration also facilitates easier payment gateway access for your students, making payment for your courses simpler for them.

Animated Headlines Widget

The Animated Headlines widget is an invaluable way to bring website titles to life. Users can easily create dynamic text transitions using the page editor’s features, while presets make styling text much simpler.

This plugin empowers learners to quickly create and organize courses efficiently, using its dashboard for all relevant information about each course and student as well as their progress. The tool is user-friendly and straightforward in use.

Other key features are found under Orders and Statistics menu items. While one provides a visual interpretation of orders, while another gives you an overview of all your students and their course progress; you can even reset this data. Furthermore, sample data for students and courses, repair your database, clear cache memory as well as support WooCommerce which offers various payment gateways are all part of this feature set.

LearnPress Category Widget

LearnPress Category Widget is an incredible way to present your courses in an appealing category showcase. Adaptive and fully customizable within Elementor, this widget gives your courses maximum exposure!

ElementsReady Elementor Portfolio Widget allows you to easily build stunning portfolio blocks for your WordPress website with its modern customization options and incredible Lotti animations.

ER Popup Login/Register

Elementor’s ER Popup Login/Register widget offers an innovative solution for adding user registration and login to WordPress websites using Elementor. With its flexible selection of designs and layout options for user registration pages that can be personalized within Elementor itself, this widget makes user login and registration functionality seamless and effective.

LearnPress Testimonials Widget

LearnPress is an all-in-one curriculum creation and student tracking solution, featuring course management and ecommerce for free versions; premium addons include assignments, gamification and additional quiz types.

Course Editor of WordPress-like design; features text boxes for title and description and questions area with true/false, multiple choice, single choice questions; you can even include explanations that appear when students provide incorrect answers.

The General tab contains settings to determine a course’s duration, maximum participant count and featured status; you can also set whether students can retake it; set its price; sales status as well as options like Assessment (which controls how a course will be evaluated), Gradebook Announcements or Random Quiz addons.

LearnPress Tutor Widget

Create a website similar to Udemy with LearnPress, a free and open-source LMS plugin which makes creating online learning platforms possible. LearnPress offers numerous add-ons and features reminiscent of Udemy like course wishlists, student progress tracking, content drip-feed, irregular quizzes, badges/points systems and more – perfect for creating an ed-tech platform!

Additionally, this plugin includes user-based restrictions like age limits, math captcha, password and text to restrict content. Furthermore, on-page and popup restrictions are available to restrict text, images, videos and pdfs as well.

ER Lottie Animation widget integrates the powerful Lottie animation plugin with Elementor, giving users complete control over its dimensions, loops & duration, as well as whether or not autoplay & player controls should be active. Users can customize this widget based on their preference in Elementor editor screens or choose preset templates; additionally it features responsiveness with customizable breakpoints while working seamlessly with 3rd party plugins such as Gravity Forms, WPML BuddyPress Polylang CF7 etc.

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