Google announced that their latest version of Panda algorithm is rolling out. As per Pierre Far announcement in G+ they are stated with slow rollout with completely target low quality contents.Depend on location the queries vary from 3-5%. This update absolutely goes favor to the new blogs with high quality contents.

How this update of Panda 4.1 helps the previous rollout penalized websites?

If you have fixed your website after the previous panda penalize then, you may expect changes in your website traffic within a week. Impact of panda 4.1 is comparatively lower than the previous panda 4.0.

Google panda algorithm release between 2013 & 2014

1. Panda Update 24
-January 22nd 2013 1.2% of English queries were affected.

2. Panda Update 25
– March 15, 2013 it’s an unconfirmed update

3. Panda Update 26 AKA
– Massive update that impact over 7.5 % Search queries

4. Panda Update 27 AKA
– Sept. 25, 2014 3-5% of queries were affected

How to protect your website from Google panda

1. Never use duplicate content on your websites

2. Don’t every go with low quality contents.

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