In the pre-internet era if you were interested in getting your article published in Popular Science you would’ve gone about it in a simple way: Writing the article, drafting the cover letter, fold the page put it in an envelope and send it off to the recipient. Today the web has made things a lot more different to for you to get good things your way. So, in a world that’s increasingly being dominated by the web and having your website becoming commonplace has also become and internet marketing being your best tool to get along in this new-tech world you have to regularly optimize your web presence and to do that you need to raise your profile on the internet and search engine rankings, it’s important to show your presence on a number of domains.
Accomplishing this goal is not difficult and for some good reason one of the ways to achieve such a goal is to offer to write an article or guest post on different blogs and websites having a link to your own site. Being an important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy it’s definitely not the hardest part of SEO to convey your ideas through an article having the right ideas and keywords. Having some creativity and passion for writing about what you excel in is actually the most enjoyable and simple part.

What Makes a Great Copy blogger Guest Post

It may come as a surprise to many that the hardest part of guest blogging is not the  writing of posts, but in fact it’s about convincing a website owner or blogger to permit you to write guest posts on their blog or site. Ordinarily many bloggers are mistaken about such requests when received by email and report it as spam with the result such stuff is put into the trash folder.  Although it sounds a rather luck –oriented proposition, you can make it happen without letting it go to the trash folder. The key to it is the right approach to a blog or site owner – what you need to do is write a striking email to them.

Follow the five guidelines to write an effective and convincing e-mail to blog owners that’s not sent to the trash again.

1. Should have an attractive subject line 

Remember the subject-line is the key element that can convey a good first impression about you to a site owner or blogger! Generic subject lines won’t work like “guest post” its important to realize that relating the subject line to the topic or theme of the website or blog. You can also reference a post or article from their website and make your subject line accordingly.

2. Avoid Template E-mails

Never send a template e-mail asking a blogger if you can guest post on their site, this is the very reason why bloggers get confused about such emails and put them in trash. Personalize your email genuinely. Your email should demonstrate your content quality so that the blogger sees that you’ve put in time to actually prepare the content of the email. You have more chances to get an approval to post your article on their blog.
3. Short E-mails deliver more results

People generally avoid going through lengthy emails due to shorter attention spans so when you keep your email short and to the point. It does a lot more than those lengthy emails. It shouldn’t take more than 45 seconds for the blogger to go through your email and come to the conclusion.

4. Deliver Value

It is imperative how you would be able to add value to their blog or website. The selected topic should be ideally new and if not it shouldn’t be one that has been exhausted on their website. Fresh quality content will definitely pave your way to success.

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