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Audit your online reputation: how is your image presented on the web?


The audit of your online reputation is the prerequisite to any strategic deployment approach for your online reputation. And this is for several reasons.

You can audit:

  • To have a clear vision of your brand (or your company, community or person) on the web and where and how people talk about you
  • To understand the needs of your customers through the information they can post
  • You are in your competitive environment and study the competing strategies
  • To identify the scope of your activity on the web and allow you to express yourself effectively as an expert in your web activity

Now that you do not doubt over the value of an audit of your online reputation, see a little more closely at how the image of your brand / company is analyzed, what data are monitored on the web and how results look like.

Analysis of data on the presence of your brand / company

Measuring the volume of social web citations 

The audit will let you know exactly how many times your brand or company is mentioned on the web for a defined period. This period varies according to the client’s request, but ideally between 6 months and a year of analysis is recommended to achieve significant results.

Identification of media

Where is your brand / company mentioned? A representation of the various media on which your brand is mentioned will help you identify the different sources where you mentioned, if it is more discussion forums, blogs, online news sites, social networks, sharing platforms photos or videos, etc.

Retail sites

The audit will help you discover the sites where your brand is the most mentioned during the study period. This study can reveal many surprises in your presence, but above all allows to know the sensitive sites as well as to monitor blogs and forums where you can provide priority thereafter.

Analysis of topics covered

During an audit e-reputation, impact mentioning your brand / company should be treated “humanely” and analyzed. This phase of treatment is then used to classify the different benefits, according to the major themes addressed by Internet users.

Study of Internet speech

Measuring the tone of the remarks

Without tone, how to know if they talk about your brand are more positive or negative? In addition to the theme by classification (see above), the analyst conducting the audit assigns a tone to each spin to give a general tendency to talk about this your brand. Please note, tonalisations done automatically by the monitoring tools are not effective, human labor is needed at this stage.

Studies forums and consumer reviews

The study of the impact results in a discourse analysis of Internet users of the spaces where they can express themselves freely, be it blogs, discussion forums or of consumer review sites. The detailed analysis of these sources is important for the global analysis of brand image on the discussion web forums.

Analysis hashtags and keywords used

Always with a view to precisely study the discourse of users, analysis of hashtags and keywords used on the web is essential to identify the key issues discussed.

Identifying influencers

It is important to identify the influencers in their field of activity to better understand the different communities already established on the subject.

Measure of commitment Internet

The commitment rate measures whether a Facebook page or a Twitter account generates interaction with her fans / followers. Indeed, the goal of a web presence is not, in most cases, to race with the fans, the best way to know if a community is active and genuine (no fans purchased) is to measure commitment.

Details of publications generated vs.spontaneous

Compare publications incurred by the brand and spontaneous publications from the Internet show whether your speech matches the expectations of readers and correct if necessary your editorial line.

Measuring the activity of competition

Audit allows the company to be in its competitive environment. An overview of the presence of competitors on the web allows the company to analyze its own position on the web and observe good practices implemented.

Match between accounts

While the first issue of an online reputation strategy on the web is not always the race fans, it’s always interesting to compare to the competition. The audit integrates a comparison of the various financial statements of companies operating in your industry.

We can add to that other data such as:

  • A study of the environment and the company’s business domain on the web
  • A comprehensive study of competition (audit of e-reputation of competitors, analysis of the way in which they are mentioned by others)
  • An analysis of the scope of the company’s communication actions if it is already well established in a web strategy
  • A study of visible results from the search engines and a study on the company’s SEO

Of these different indicators derived analysis and strategic recommendations, which are submitted to the audit client.

However, the performance of an audit online reputation has a cost, due to the use of monitoring tools and the need to process data humanely. Strategic analyzes and recommendations are indeed carried out by experts to guide you better in your digital strategy.


Albert Palacci is passionate about digital marketing and he loves to help small businesses grows. More about him you can find on his Google+ and Pinterest.


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