When creating pages or sections with Elementor that can be reused elsewhere on your site, saving it as a template is simple – simply right click its page or section button and select Save as Template from the drop-down list.

As product attributes, make sure both “Visible on Product Page and Used for Variations” options are checked, then add names and values for each attribute.

Product Options

Product variations are an invaluable feature that enable businesses to provide customers with more options – be they color, size or text – when looking for what they’re searching for. Doing this increases conversions while improving user experience.

Elementor’s Variations tab makes it easy to add multiple product options as a list. Here you can specify Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), regular price, sale price, shipping settings including weight and dimensions and make your products downloadable.

Display product variations as dropdowns within a quick view lightbox so front-end users can instantly select and add their preferred items directly. This saves them time from going back to the single product page – an effect achieved using WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin.


Elementor allows you to add custom attributes to product variations, including colors or images for display in each variation, short descriptions to help customers understand what each variation does, and more.

Another feature is the ability to display swatches for variations, making it easier for buyers to select color, image or text swatches and update it from within the cart page.

Allow your customers to download each product variation file. When enabled, this requires setting up download files and specifying how often customers may download each one. Furthermore, by activating Manage Stock option and entering an inventory amount; SKU, weight dimensions and shipping class settings may override general product settings.


Product variations allow you to meet shoppers with different tastes, from clothing sizes and style preferences, to tech configurations (storage capacity, pixels or power). Such flexibility can help to boost conversions – particularly if available variants are presented on one product page with an easy selector so users don’t have to search through a list to locate what they need.

WooCommerce plugins with variation galleries provide customers with an easier way to select their options, for instance the Product Variation Gallery for WooCommerce allows you to add image variations for each attribute and displays them both on shop pages and product detail pages.

WooCommerce Bulk Variations plugin enables you to set variation images in bulk so it is quicker for shoppers to select variations; it may also be beneficial when dealing with products with similar attributes values.


Once you’ve created your product variations, editing is next! There are numerous options here, from adding an SKU for each variation to setting regular and sale prices as well as entering its weight and dimensions – and even making it downloadable!

Your variations can also be set as taxable, shipping class and allow backorders, with low stock thresholds that will notify you via email when stock reaches them.

For businesses that wish to effectively display the features of their product in an appealing manner, variable product pages provide the perfect way to display a gallery. Variation swatches can be customized using various settings including Box Settings (color, background type, border and margin), Variation Settings (Icon Position Color Spacing and Spacing Icons), as well as Show Border on Selected Swipes which enables customers to quickly distinguish between individual swatches and add them immediately into carts.

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