With this Instagram feed plugin, it’s easy to integrate social media photos from a range of sources into a webpage. Choose between grid, masonry or carousel layouts.

This Instagram widget comes equipped with several features, such as lightbox support, boxed mode display options, image sorting features and more. Furthermore, its default version updates every 24 hours.

Instagram Feed Pro

Integrating an Instagram feed into your website is a fantastic way to make it more engaging, and convert visitors into followers and customers faster.

Use this plugin to display live-updating Instagram images and videos without uploading them directly to your server. It features lightbox, boxed mode, image sorting options and more so you can customize your feed to meet the needs of your audience.

This plugin is one of the top selling Instagram feed plugins for WordPress with an outstanding customer rating, providing an intuitive user interface to easily add and manage social media feeds. Plus, its 14-day free trial makes testing out this solution before purchasing possible! Plus it supports both Instagram and its Stories/Reels counterpart as well as IGTV – supporting a range of content formats compatible with any theme!


Instagram feeds are an engaging way to engage your website’s audience and drive more visitors, followers, leads and conversions. Furthermore, Instagram can serve as an effective social proofing tool – more people will likely buy from you if others recognize how much others like your products or services!

Spotlight allows you to easily create Instagram feeds that match the design of your site without resorting to complex coding. Furthermore, this plugin offers lightbox support so that posts can be displayed with personal touches to further personalize pages on your website.

To add an Instagram feed to your Elementor site, either create or edit an existing page and enter “instagram feed” in the search field on the right side. A list will appear with different aggregation methods available such as hashtags (#), handles, stories & reels, tagged posts or even IGTV. Once selected, simply click on the Add to Elementor button.

Elementor Widget

Installing Instagram feeds onto your website is a surefire way to engage visitors and convert them into followers and customers. By showing relevant images and full videos from Instagram on your web pages, you can display relevant material more appealing to potential buyers.

Elementor makes it easy to add social media widgets that display Instagram feeds directly on your website, with various layout options – highlight, masonry and carousel being among them – available. Furthermore, users can select either the “Follow on Instagram” button to increase followers or the “Load More Posts” option to allow more photos/videos be seen by viewers.

To do this, create or edit an existing WordPress page, and select Edit with Elementor from within it. Choose HTML widget and enter your Instagram Business username and password into it before selecting style of feed as well as customizing other settings such as number of columns to display and images per row.

Elementor Pro

Integrating Instagram feeds into Elementor websites is an effective way to engage visitors and turn them into leads and customers more efficiently.

The Spotlight Instagram Feed plugin is easy to set up and fully compatible with Elementor, making displaying your feed in less than a minute a reality. The free version includes key features essential for showing off Instagram feeds – plus you can integrate this feed with popup designs using its API!

The plugin also lets you integrate Instagram stories and videos onto your site. Furthermore, you have various options for retrieving your Instagram business feed, such as hashtags, handles, mentions and tagged posts. In addition to selecting how many posts will appear in your feed as well as whether to show captions; additionally you can customize its style and dimensions.

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