Installing social media feeds onto your website can enhance brand recognition and drive traffic, as well as convert visitors into leads or customers.

Instagram Feed widget offers many outstanding and unique features, such as the ability to display multiple accounts and hashtags simultaneously, carousel display options (Masonry view or List view), layout choices such as Masonry or List view layout options and more.


Add an Instagram feed to your website is a surefire way to increase visitors and social media engagement, but it must be done properly for maximum effectiveness. Doing this allows for an attractive feed with professional-looking designs and is easy for administrators and clients alike to maintain and customize.

Add an Instagram feed to your website with either a free or premium plugin. A free plugin provides a shortcode that lets you embed it directly onto your page; while, for premium users, Elementor features a dedicated widget which makes editing Instagram feeds much simpler.

Once installed, once you click Connect Your Account button you can connect both personal and business accounts and begin customizing your feed by using its Design, Filter Moderate Promote tabs at the top.


Implementing a Facebook feed onto your website is an excellent way to engage your social media followers while increasing brand recognition – all of which can increase online sales and conversions.

With the Facebook Feed Pro plugin, creating and customizing feeds without needing coding experience has never been simpler! The plugin comes equipped with pre-made templates which can be tailored in real-time using its Live Feed Editor; furthermore it supports multiple feed layouts — from listing all posts to masonry-style display of images that retain their original proportions.

Your visitors can also select to display posts from a specific Facebook Page, or add a full-screen slider that showcases your best performing posts. In addition, this plugin lets you edit your feed’s style, header type, load more button size/position/margins etc to make it visually interesting and engaging for website visitors.


Twitter provides businesses with an excellent way to quickly update website visitors about daily happenings, without the hassle of blog posts and their associated coding skills. Furthermore, Twitter Feeds look great across devices while increasing engagement and increasing social reach for your site.

Un add-on makes it simple and inexpensive to integrate Twitter feed into Elementor websites easily, with an interface featuring a widget to display tweets as they come in; or display them all together using carousel mode. Essential Addons offers this add-on free of charge.

To begin, install and activate the Essential Addons plugin. Next, prepare a section or column on your canvas before dragging and dropping a Twitter Feed widget onto it – from lists, masonry grids or carousels you have the flexibility of selecting your feed’s style through Styletabs.


Integrating LinkedIn feeds into your website not only showcases company updates for visitors but can also increase dwell time of the site by showing proof that others endorse your business, making it more compelling to visit and purchase from it.

To add your LinkedIn feed to Elementor, begin by either creating or editing an existing page. Within the editor, click the blue “Edit with Elementor” button – this will launch the Elementor editor where all widgets will be located in its left panel while its right side provides live preview of your work.

Spotlight offers you an effortless and straightforward process for adding social feeds to your WordPress website, such as choosing one of its pre-designed themes and configuring it via its live customizer tool.

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