Mighty Addons offers ready-to-use block, section and template kits to facilitate design faster. Their Elementor plugins feature accordions, before/after images, counters, flip boxes and gradient headings – among other useful blocks and elements.

Stratum Elementor extras is an affordable yet feature-packed collection of widgets to assist with creating complex custom content sites, such as directory and classified ads directories. Both annual and lifetime plans are available.

1. Qi Addons

This addon is ideal for website designers seeking to elevate the design of their websites to new levels. Featuring various impressive widgets such as tab elements, full-width backgrounds and advanced form stylers – all without hindering page builder performance – this lightweight addon does not compromise performance of the page builder.

Stratum is an Elementor addon that makes creating landing pages, professional business websites, and eCommerce stores simple and straightforward. Boasting over 20 advanced widgets that work seamlessly with any WordPress theme – including inheriting color settings such as typography or other styling preferences from existing themes – Stratum allows users to effortlessly design landing pages, professional business sites, eCommerce stores, and eCommerce stores with ease.

This addon provides numerous premade layouts for businesses of various types, such as hotels, restaurants and other local establishments. Furthermore, its drag-and-drop functionality enables real-time customization of designs while its import function enables quicker website creation. Furthermore, its documentation is comprehensive yet easily understood to give detailed insights into its functions. Finally, download it free of charge now – great support is guaranteed for its users!

2. HT Mega

HT Mega offers an abundance of website elements and widgets that you’re sure to need for any project, with 84 free Elementor widgets, 90+ page templates, customizable banners that increase interactiveness and engagement features as well as an add-on widget that lets you incorporate bbPress forums directly onto your site.

eCommerce website owners looking to improve user experience and increase productivity with widgets such as product grid, Whatsapp chat, content toggle, price table etc can use this addon to increase productivity by making use of its widgets such as product grid, Whatsapp chat, content toggle and price table. Furthermore, its responsive pages and Ajax-based listings capabilities also allow you to design responsive pages or Ajax listings while choosing from various presets to achieve the perfect look and feel of their website – not forgetting you also gain access to over 150+ premade sections/templates under Pro plan of this addon!

3. Crocoblock

Crocoblock is an add-on plugin that offers a wide range of website elements and tools, such as blog templates of high-quality design, a tool to generate WooCommerce product pages with custom attributes, reviews system integration and widget library for creating attractive layouts on websites.

Croco Block comes with both a free version and pro version, with the latter offering more templates and blocks as well as premium features that make it suitable for web designers and developers.

There is a vast selection of templates for different types of websites, such as restaurants, agencies, design studios and salons. Over 300 UI blocks help speed up the creation/editing process for websites quickly. Plus its code is clean so as not to bloat your site with unnecessary features; plus support and response times are fast!

4. Primary Addon

Many plugins provide Elementor addons, but not all are created equal. Some have too many features which could slow down your website and reduce performance of other plugins. When selecting an addon it should provide essential functionality without compromising code quality or performance.

Primary Addon is an ideal option for website owners seeking an impressive feature set that will set their site apart from competitors. It includes widgets to create beautiful particle background effects in Elementor sections and columns, add a Read More button on post archives that opens content into a modal window, as well as many others.

Qode Interactive’s Fast Support makes this plugin an outstanding choice for Elementor users and is readily available as free plugin in WordPress’ repository. Additionally, its modern design and responsive support make this plugin one of Elementor’s go-to choices; its modern look makes this an excellent addition.

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